Constipation Remedy During Pregnancy

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Constipation is pretty common in the late stages of pregnancy
. This is primarily because of the increasing pressure of the baby's size unto your pelvic region, which can be a real problem in some cases. You would'nt want to overdo it, as it might affect how you carry your child.

Take note that while constipation by itself isn't really harmful, it can and it will amplify any medical condition you might currently have. An example of this would be hemorrhoids, as straining in the bathroom increases the risks of this as well as piles. So you might want to take constipation remedies during pregnancy while you're at it.

How To Prevent Constipation

Prevention is a must, as it's always better than treatment. What you should do is to have a diet consisting of high fiber foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Also do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Don't go capitalize on drinks like tea, coffee, or alcohol but more on water and juices. Also avoid bran, as can make you more constipated and even affect your ability to absorb certain nutrients (when taken in large amounts.) Go for more prunes, apricots, grapefruits, spinach, and kiwi.

Also if possible, try to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Do exercises like yoga or tai chi, reiki and more. Just consult with your doctor on how much physical stress you can endure without affecting your pregnancy.

Some Tips If I'm Having Constipation?

Constipation during pregnancy is hard, lucky you however, as I've got listed some important tips to help you get over it easily:

  • Usually, natural remedies like dandelion and mallow tea are used as constipation ease. Senna is also a good herbal remedy, but do consult with your doctor first before taking this, as it is still not quite proven well if it's 100% safe while pregnant. If you've got the resources, going for aromatherapy also helps.
  • In some cases, doing mild pelvic floor relaxation is good. Try to change your bowel positions, as it would lighten the stress around the pelvic region.
  • Scrutinize your supplement intake. Many supplements pregnant women take in contribute to constipation. Especially the antacids. Try to talk to your doctor about it, as he/she may suggest an alternative as well as prescribe another kind of drug.
  • Have your partner do quite a bit of reflexology. A simple massage may help, just take note that the massage should be in circular clockwise motion, similar to pulses made by the intestine. Take it easy on the pressure though.
  • Acupuncture. If there's a specialist in the neighborhood, you can take acupuncture sessions aimed at relaxing muscles in the pelvic region. Just make sure the specialist we're talking about knows how to handle pregnant patients, as the cases are largely different vs a non-pregnant one.
  • If the case is quite serious, a doctor may prescribe a laxative that is safe for you. What you have to do here is follow the doctor's prescription exactly as said, and never self-administer any other laxative while pregnant.

In the end, there are many constipation remedy during pregnancy out there, just do your research and look which is best for you.

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