Is microwave cooking destroying your health?

Research into microwaves

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What is the cost of convenience?

In todays hustle and bustle world the keyword that seems to be the rule of thumb among most people today is the word...convenience.The(I want it now) mentality is a common theme today.Many are willing to pay more money for less value all in the name of convenience whether its rent to own merchandise,video rentals,using credit cards,eating at fast food places and restaurants and numerous other things.Its all in the name of convenience.In many ways this convenience can be considered a good thing.Its instant gratification.It saves us trouble and time in having to do things the slower and old fashioned way.Some of these things may cost a high price down the road though.Like eating poorly,smoking,taking too many drugs,ingesting food additives,eating gmo food products and many others may do their damage to the body over a length of time.One of these things is in the use and convenience of microwave ovens.

When I first heard about this I refused to believe it even though the studies and evidence prove that the health hazards are there.To this day I still use a microwave occassionally.I guess the power of convenience is still the prevailing factor with me even in spite of this information Ive learned.I like saving time with less mess.I like the convenience.I dont expect anyone reading this to throw their microwaves in a dumpster.I havent at least not yet.However,I do have a better understanding now about the difference between regular cooking and microwave cooking.And there is a big difference.I find it interesting that it was the nazis who had invented microwave ovens.This was a long time ago.In Berlin research into how microwaved food affected the body was studied by the soviets.Their findings were horrendous.The kremlin banned the use of microwave cooking in 1976 when it was discovered that numerous physical ailments accompanied the consumption of microwaved food.Further studies were then undertaken.

Later after these russian studies there were two authors named Lawrence Newell and Anthony Wayne whom published a book entitled-The hidden hazards of microwave cooking.Their book was based on those studies.The studies had found that the microwaved foods nutritional values and vital energy fields were reduced by 90%!This had major effects on the subjects.It was found that the very molecular structures of the foods themselves had become greatly altered and with nearly no nutritional values at all.Even essential trace minerals were now useless.Vitamins A,C and B-complex in the foods were virtually all destroyed even when microwaved for a few mere seconds.It was found that lymphatic disorders in people increased.Certain cancers form at a quicker and higher rate when lymphatic disorders exist and this problem is very widespread.And so were the other disorders.They found of the subjects regularly eating this food a definite increase in cancers of the stomach and intestine,cell tumors,increased blood pressure,stomach pain,migraines,dizziness and stress.Other ailments were more common as well.These included memory loss,heart disease,appendicitis,adrenal exhaustion,hair loss,attention disorders,cataracts,poor sleep and depression.The researchers in Russia had stated that the food was made into a poisin when it was microwaved and that consuming microwaved food altered their blood chemistry as well.

Researchers in Sweden found that consuming microwaved vegetables (even organic) was a very sure way of sending ones cholesterol levels soaring.Any kind of food for that matter.They found that blood cholesterol is more influenced by the molecular structure of the food itself.How much cholesterol is in the food was secondary.Their findings state that long term,permanent damage and even fatality can eventually occur through consumption of microwaved food,states a noted researcher.Everything in the food is reduced and extemely altered.The vitamins and minerals and nutrients become destroyed and whatever does remain does little good to the human body.Whats worse is that the body now has to digest this.The body absorbs these compounds and since they cannot be readily broken down in the system they will wreak havoc on the bodys physiology.

Note about this energy-It is all around us and also comes from televisions,cell phones,computers,satellite transmissions,wireless devices,etc.

Can you see a possible connection?Take a look at cancer,lupus,arthritis,heart disease,MS,diabetes and all of the other degenerative diseases on the rise.Its all quite scary indeed.The idea that microwave cooking could actually be a real health endangering convenience is not easily accepted by alot of people,myself included.But the research is there.There is nothing surprizing about the fact that the public has not been informed about any of this and denied details on these health dangers.Most folks know its ussually in the name of profit.Here is an experiment.Plant seeds into two pots.Water one of the pots with regular filtered water.Now water the second pot with water that had previously been nuked in the microwave.What happens next?Youll notice that the seeds watered with regular water will sprout as expected but the seeds fed the microwaved water will never sprout.

The below website links have alot of additional information that I havent included here.Much of it surprized me.Agree or disagree it certainly does make one wonder.Personally I have always used a microwave.I can remember back in the 80s when my folks bought one of those new big microwaves when they first came out and I remember saying to myself-Thats really cool but there just seems to be something odd about cooking this way.Something not right about it.Of course after that it still became a daily used utility in the kitchen to cook food and warm drinks with.As it did/does with just about all people.Even most restaurants use microwaves in their food preperation and this even includes food places serving organic food.Most folks just dont know.I imagine many still wouldnt care even if they did know these facts.And if these facts are all true?Then indeed there could be a high price paid for this convenience.

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Diana Lee profile image

Diana Lee 3 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

This is interesting and as many of us knew there could be danger using microwaves the convenience out weighs the fears. I do try not to use plastic of any kind in the microwave. Paper or glass is much safer and allowing a couple minutes before serving the nuked food is recommended as well. Voted up.

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