Cure Menstrual Cramps by Yoga

Menstrual Cramps are cramps or pain experienced during menstrual period around the lower abdominal and lower back area. Most women and especially teenage girls suffer from menstrual cramps.

Here are some yoga asanas or postures which if practiced for about half an hour relieves menstrual pains and restores energy levels whenever you feel exhausted.If half an hour is too long you can lessen the time according to your comfort level.

Janu Sirsasana Janu - Knee; Sirsa - Head


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Practice this posture for one minute on each side. Rest your head on a pillow for variation.

Positioning:   You should sit with legs stretched in front of your body. Now Bend your right leg and place the heel of your foot into your groin. You should now open up the sole of your foot to face upward so that you feel your right hip opening.  Slowly inhaling lift out from your waist and come forward, lengthening from the front of your body. Either hold onto your feet or a belt looped around the feet and, with exhalation, extend over your outstretched leg. Rotate your abdomen towards your left so your torso is lying straight along with your outstretched leg. Rest your abdomen, chest and head comfortably onto your leg. 

Breathing:   Breathe slowly; releasing your torso forward and down a little more each time you exhale.

Focus:   Turn your eye gaze toward your foot. Focus on relaxing your back muscles and abdomen.

Hold: For Five breaths. Inhale out of the posture and change sides.

Variations: You can make a slight change by placing a blanket under the knee of your outstretched leg to relieve tight leg muscles. Stay with your back upright and hold onto a belt looped around your feet if extending forward is painful. Place a bolster on your knees and rest the forehead onto it if lying forward is difficult.

Benefits:    This posture stimulates blood flow to the internal organs. It tones the abdominal and leg muscles and loosens hips.

Precautions:   Do not practice this posture if you have chronic arthritis, sciatica or slipped disc.

Triang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana Tri – Angle; Mukha – Face; Pada – Foot; Paschimottanasana – Posterior Extension


Practice this posture for one minute on each side. Rest your head on a pillow for variation.

Positioning:   Start with both legs stretched out in Dandasana. Bend your right leg back. Place a pile of blankets under your left buttock if you need support. Keep your knees pressing together.Roll your right calf muscle out Have the sole of your right foot facing upward and the heel touching the hip. Once you are comfortable, extend up out your waist while inhailing. Extend your arms and torso forward as you exhale. Hold onto your feet as you lie your head down onto your leg.

Breathing:     Breathe deeply and slowly, lifting your chest forward with inhalation and releasing with exhalation.

Focus:     Send your eye gaze toward your foot, relaxing your head and neck, elongating your spine and quietening your mind.

Hold:       For five breaths. Inhale out of the asana and repeat on the other side.

Variations: Place a blanket under the knee of the extended leg. Stay with your back upright, holding onto a belt looped around your feet if extending forward is painful. Alternatively, rest the forehead down on a bolster.

Benefits:     This position stimulates blood flow to the internal organs and nervous system as well as toning the abdominal and leg muscles.

Precaution:     Be careful if you have weak knees.

Mothers of teenage girls can advice them to practice these yoga asanas. These asanas helpful to relieve menstrual cramps but should not be used as a medical treatment.

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