Learn The Early Signs and Symptoms Of Dementia

Everyone who has dementia will have different experiences. There are no two symptoms that are exactly the same. The health and social situation of the individual is important when it comes to the individual's symptoms. Within this article, we will be telling you about the symptoms of dementia.

What are some of the common early symptoms of dementia? Some common symptoms include memory loss, disorientation to space and time, poor judgment, problems with keeping track of things, and changes in the individual's personality.

Short Term Memory

A common symptom of dementia is short term memory. An individual that is dealing with dementia will generally forget certain context and specifics of a situation. With dementia, the individual will find it hard to prepare for day to day tasks, such as putting on and removing clothes. There are many cases where the individuals often forget the stages in which they put on and take off their clothes.

An individual that has dementia may forget how they should dress during a hot summer day. Instead of dressing for the summertime, they end up dressing for wintertime. This may seem strange, but they do not even realize when they put on too many layers of clothes.

Keeping Up

Individuals that have dementia have a tendency to have problems when it comes to keeping up with conversations. They even forget to pay their bills or take their routine medicine. When you are dealing with symptoms of dementia, apart from all of those other symptoms, you will also be dealing with loss of initiative. This is when an individual gets passive and grows very tired of things such as social obligations or housework. If you or someone you know has symptoms of dementia, then it would be best to speak with your doctor. The doctor will be able to look the patient over and determine the treatment that is needed.


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