Different Types of Aromatherapy Oil Burners

Introduction to Oil Burners for Aromatherapy

The beauty of aromatherapy is that it can be utilized and applied in several different ways, allowing its user to pick one that is most convenient to them. One of those potent methods of aromatherapy application is through vaporizing. For this one, you will need an aromatherapy oil burner. The concept behind the use of oil burner is basically using a heat element to stimulate the activity of the oil's molecular properties until it is released into vapor form. Once that happens, it mixes with the air, thus filling it with the therapeutic properties of the oil. Inhaling the air therefore adds a lot of therapeutic effect on the body, depending on the essential oil used.

The success of this method relies a lot on the choice of essential oil burner to use, while taking note of proper methods of usage. To learn more about them, read further below.

Electric Oil Burners

Electric aromatherapy burners are more recent models that have come out in the market. And while there are still a few who prefer the more traditional design, there is also a lot that have opted for the use of electricity in producing heat that will stimulate the herb and form into vapor. This is most suitable for people who lead a fast-paced lifestyle since they can conveniently leave the herb behind and let the burner do most of the work. In fact, there are a few that leave it on as they sleep and there is no need to watch over it. In addition to that, many believe it is much safer to use due to the lack of naked flame.

To start using this burner, switch the device on. This will power up the electricity that produces the heat needed to vaporize the essential oil present in the botanical material used. Once the electricity is turned on, you can simply leave it on and enjoy the pleasing aroma of the oil as released into the air. While there are several conveniences to using an electric-powered aromatherapy oil burner, it lacks portability as you have to keep it within close proximity of an electric outlet to continue functioning.

Ceramic Oil Burners

This is one of two of the general types of essential oil burners that can be purchased for use in aromatherapy. As compared to other models that are commercially available, this one utilizes a more traditional approach to vaporizing essential oils. This is also ideal for use at home wherein the scope of space wherein the oil vapor is being dispersed is not too large. Meanwhile, the various ceramic designs is a great way to complement your home's interior design and theme.

The burner comes with a tray or bowl where the herbs are placed. After that, you can ignite a small candle or tea light, which will serve as the source of heat. Leave the heat on for a specific period of time to continue heating the botanical plant until it releases essential oil as vapor into the air. As the candle continues to produce heat, the plant also continue on with releasing its aroma into the air until the scent fills up the atmosphere.

Convection Oil Burners

The above types (electric and ceramic) of aromatherapy oil burners are most common to those who have been using essential oils for aromatherapy. However, convection oil burners are one of those relatively new types that are commercially produced and can be accessed in the market. Since this is a relatively new type of burner, it utilizes a different approach that you need to learn to get the most out of using essential oils.

To use the convection oil burner, you place the herb or botanical material in a tray that comes with the burner. Then, hot air from the burner helps to heat up the plant material and flow through it. One advantage of using this burner is that the herbs get equal amounts of heat for a more effective vaporizing process. As the steam continues to flow through the herbal materials, it also helps to produce therapeutic vapor coming out of the plant. It also comes with a thermostat that enables you to control the amount of heat that is generated and is penetrated into the herbal material. The design of this particular type of burner make it more expensive as compared to other types of burners currently in the market.

Conduction Oil Burners

Like the convection model, this is another new model design for aromatherapy oil burners that are available in the market. Just like most oil burners, the botanical material is placed on a certain area in the burner. Then, it utilizes a hot device that will help directly heat the plant material, unlike convention burners that utilize only steam that flow nicely through the plant.

Within the conduction oil burner type, there are variations to the model depending on the type of heating device used. There are oil burners that use iron for heating the herbs, which are more commonly referred to as soldering iron vaporizers. It contains a heating element that appears like a stick. Then, the plant where the essential oil is to be extracted from is placed inside a bowl to start the heating process. In comparison to the convection type, however, essential oil produced from conduction oil burners are considered inferior since it does not heat the herb equally.

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Makeshift Varieties

When you are simply at home, you can make your own aromatherapy oil burner using common household items. This will help you save money and still be able to enjoy the nourishing effect of vaporizing essential oils for everyone to experience. To make your own oil burner at home, simply follow the steps indicated below:

Technique #1:

  • First, gather the equipments you need such as a shallow pan, working radiator, water, and the essential oil.
  • Fill the pan with water and pour in a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Place the pan over a working radiator. It is important to use the pan specifically for aromatherapy only. If you used a specific pan for this vaporizing method, avoid using it for cooking purposes later on.
  • As the essential oil continues to be heated, it gently releases the aroma into the air.

Technique #2:

  • For this technique, you will be using the following ingredients: heat-resistant pan, stove, and essential oil. As with the technique above, this must be intended solely for aromatherapy use.
  • Add water into the pan, along with the essential oil. Then, place it over the stove until it simmers.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on the essential oil on the pan to avoid overheating.

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