Drug Abuse and K2 Drug - what does the legal marijuana look like?

How easy is it to get K2 drug?

Drug abuse in teens

Drug abuse in teens used to mean back alley drug deals where shady characters sold drugs to teens. This may soon change. While California ponders the legalization of marijuana, there is another similar drug that is legal in most states and just as potent according to some sources. The kids call it by many names, fake weed, K2 Spice, Spice Gold, or simply K2. This drug is anything but safe and may cause hallucinations, vomiting, heart palpitations and other dangerous side effects.

K2 first started showing up in the Midwest. But now other states report it is cropping up all over the country. Dr. Anthony Scalzo, a professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University said, "I think K2 is likely a bigger problem than we're aware of at this time."

Substance abuse isn't a new problem with kids, but legal substance abuse is a growing concern. Kids get high on all kinds of legal products including cough syrup, glue, whip cream cans (known as huffing), among others.

K2 is now added to the list.

What does K2 look like?

K2 is a pile of dried herbs and spices with a special chemical sprayed onto them. This chemical is a potent psychotropic drug, possibly laced with unknown toxic substances.

Prevention is the strongest weapon in substance abuse

A recent report by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University is promoting Family Day- a day to eat dinner with your kids.

"The Power of Parenting

Whether you’re cooking a gourmet meal, ordering food from your favorite take-out place or eating on the go, rest assured that what your kids really want during dinnertime is YOU! Family meals are the perfect time to talk to your kids and to listen to what’s on their mind. The more often kids eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs."

Simply getting back to basics in life can make all the difference in your child's life. This study proved that kids think eating together as a family is important. It also shows that what kids need is for you to hear them, get to know them, and like them as people.

How to help a teen with substance abuse

There are many programs available for families to get help when there is a drug abuse or alcohol abuse problem. These programs are designed to change behaviors and offer counseling, not only for the abuser but also for the entire family.Addictions affect everyone involved in that person's life.

There are many government sponsored programs, private drug and alcohol treatment centers, and many faith based ones too. If you suspect someone you love has an addiction problem, try to get them help if you can. The difficulty with addictions is the will to quit. It is very hard to get free of addictive substances.

Drug abuse | alcohol abuse| Drug and Alcohol treatment

The most effective weapon is you. Your child needs to know you care. The world is a scary place for kids and they need your reassurance, hope, and feeling of safety. Love your kids, pray for your kids, enjoy your kids. These are some of the best drug and alcohol treatments around.

Keep watch over what your kids are doing and be on the look out for small packets of dried herbs. K2 is also available on the internet so be aware of what is coming by mail. States may eventually outlaw K2 (6 have so far), but the best deterrent is an involved parent.

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Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

I love how you put the emphasis on parenting. ´´Your child needs you´´. Excellent, thought provoking hub. Thank you.

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 5 years ago from Bay Area California Author

It seems like a simple thing- but so powerful. We have forgotten how important it is to be a parent--especially after our kids get older--often leaving them to their own devices. This is an age that kids seriously need parents to be there, to listen and get to know who they are growing up to be. I appreciate your comment Dim!

Clyde Richardson 5 years ago

Thanks for your post. Parenting is never an easy job. With 17% of Michigan treamtent admissions due to marijuana, and the growing problem of k-2, kids face challenges we seniors never did. They need even more help from parents. Feel free to email me at clyde@westbrookrecovery.com with any updates, or check our website out at westbrookrecovery.com.

JC 5 years ago

The drug in K2 and spice is part of the JWH series. It was a drug designed to mimic THC, but more directly. It is as toxic as THC, meaning it is safer than aspirin or caffine, and no death has ever been attributed to it's use. However, most of the time it is either unknown what plant matter is used, and many people don't know if they are allergic. Most of what I see in at the hospital I work at is allergic reactions and panic made worse by being intoxicated.

The long term effects are not know, however, it is deemed as safe as THC and some forms of JWH are being researched to help with mental degradation that comes with age. This is s drug for adults, and I fear children will find themselves getting into traffic accidents after consuming too much. It's hard to figure the dosage with different brands.

As a father, and a person who holds a degree, I say this with all seriousness. With all the really bad drugs put there, this is one I'd rather my kids mess with. While I don't want my kids doing any drugs, compared to alcohol, cocaine or nicotine, this stuff will at least not kill them.

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 5 years ago from Bay Area California Author

JC47- Thank you for your insightful comment. Some of the reported reactions I read as I researched the drug were not as mild as the ones you have experienced unfortunately. There have been a few deaths associated with K2, but I do not know if they were ever 100% conclusive. I can appreciate your parental view for sure. A bad choice is never a good one, but the less damaging would be better.

Texas drug rehab 5 years ago

Insightful post. I am in search of parenting techniques I can apply for my derailed son, and your post got me even more concerned.

Austin Thompson profile image

Austin Thompson 4 years ago from El Segundo, California

The other day, me and my friends smoked "K2 Incense" and it was nothing like i have ever tried before. Ive tried marijuana a few times, but this was far worse. Spice doesn't make you feel "happy and joyfull", it makes you feel scared, ULTRA paranoid, and uneasy. you cant see straight and the world spins and things pop up out of nowhere. this is a horrible drug, any good parent should NOT EVER let there kid smoke this ever! this is a very bad drug. When your high, it cannot be physiologically safe to feel that way.DONT DO THIS

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 4 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Thanks Austin for your input. I think it will help someone think twice about getting high on K2!

be safe 4 years ago

i like it whoop whoop

Da Spice Man 4 years ago

I saw demons

Pat 4 years ago


Robin moyer 4 years ago

I smoked this for about six months. 3 grams would last over a week. Then the high didn't last as long an I'd smoke more. Got to the point where 3 grams wouldn't even last a nite. I smoked it everyday for six months an didn't realize how bad it is until I quit. Jus because you can go buy it at a tobacco store ppl don't think its serious. This shit pulls you in an you don't even realize it. It can take over Yer life if you aren't careful. I didn't wanna do anything but get high on it. If I didn't have it, I was irritated. I felt perfectly fine while I was on it. After quitting, I lost my appetite completely. I had to force myself to get a little food in. I couldn't sleep. Stayed up for three days straight even tho I was exhausted I Jus couldn't sleep. I had a panic attack for the first time ever after I stopped smoking it. I now have asthma an am on two inhalers a day. This shit is not safe! People need to open their eyes Jus because you've never had a bad experience with it does not mean its not doing some damage. I had no idea what it was doing till I stopped. Yeah ill admit its a badass high but getting off that shit is hard. I'm glad its banned now.

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 4 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Thanks Robin for your honest assessment of K2. Highs may seem attractive-- until the lows kick in. It's a high price to pay.

Jeremiah 4 years ago

That have some new stuff out it is stronger then before cant wait to try it!!!!!

Jeremiah 4 years ago

k2 is the best drug out there the only downfall is bad cotton mout your throught feels swollen and when im not high i am depressed

Jeremiah 4 years ago

k2 is back

lorilou 4 years ago

my son smoked this stuff and last night he came in to me scared and feeling dizzy and then fell to the floor and his body started to twist and contort. He was sweating and he felt like vomiting. He said he heard demons speaking to him . he could not sleep all night afraid. we called 911 we did not know about this drugs effects. they checked his vitals. His oxygen level was ok. they didn't take him to the hospital. we kept watch over him all night he didn't want to be left alone. He tossed and turned all night long. His pupils were huge and did not restrict when a light was shown on them. He will not be smoking this again! It took two days for him to feel well again. This was a very scarey experience. I can not believe this is legal. My son is 17yrs old..

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 4 years ago from Bay Area California Author

I know it is amazing that this is readily available. Kids need to understand the real dangers of using it. Glue is legal and kids inhaled fumes to get high. Now some have brain damage. I pray that your son will be OK. God bless you!

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