ePulse Heart Rate Monitor Accurate and Easy to Use


Tracking your calories burned is important to anyone trying to lose weight. Knowing if you are working out hard enough to burn the most calories possible is valuable feedback since most of us have to optimize the little time available for exercise. The ePulse Heart Rate Monitor by Impulse Sports is an affordable way to do both.

The ePulse is different than many heart rate monitors because it does not require that you wear a chest strap. Instead of wearing a monitoring strap around your chest that sends data to a wrist watch device the ePulse uses sensors much like those used in heart rate monitors found in hospitals.

ePulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor


The ePulse is a one piece heart rate monitor. It straps around your forearm where it is easy to see and easy to operate. Bright red digital numbers can be seen in daylight or dark so it works well no matter what time of day you prefer to workout. Your choice of workout has little effect on how well the ePulse will work for you. Bikers, runners, walkers, tennis players, golfers or even weight trainers can equally benefit from wearing an ePulse hear rate monitor.  


The ePulse tells you how long you have been working out, your average heart rate and your minimum and maximum heart rate. It can be set to tell you when your maximum heart rate is reached. You will know by an easily seen and understood green light.

The ePulse has a short learning curve. Your heart rate will immediately show on the monitor as soon as you load the 3 AAA batteries, turn it on and strap it to your forearm. You then enter your personal profile for accurate monitoring and feedback.

If you exercise more than once per day the ePulse will include each workout into the final total. If you wear the ePulse throughout the day for extended feedback on calories burned it will give you an idea of your average calorie burned throughout the day. Your BMR (basic metabolic heart rate) is figured to tell you a predicted amount of calories needed per day.

The ePulse is surprisingly uncomplicated for a device that gives you such valuable feedback.

 Please always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program!

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akhimamun 6 years ago from UK

Hi its akhi.Excellent hubs.All the information is great.

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dkrainwater 6 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming

Again, great information. Keep those hubs coming.

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