E-cigarettes and Smokers' Health: FDA Wants You to Keep Your More Unhealthy Habit

Ever since the e-cigarettes came on the market, health and other government officials in America have been pushing too hard to ban them. Finally, last week they found cancer-causing substances in the vapor of e-cigarettes. They found two substances—one is nitrosamines, carcinogen found in regular cigarettes, and some electronic liquid contained diethylene glycol, the poisonous ingredient in antifreeze. The government even banned some imports of e-cigarette products. (Check out my blog about e-cigarettes.)

Of course the news picked up and the media was happy to announce how dangerous the new electronic devices are. All those news reports were wrong and biased and proved to me that many people in the mainstream media lack the ability to think critically. I once heard a TV journalist say that citizen journalism was no good because people didn’t check all the facts.

Now I’d like to give mainstream media some free critical thinking advice. It’s not just about checking the facts, a ten-year-old can read a government report and make news out of it—I’m talking about good old-fashioned thinking.

How to Think

Think of health care. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? I think money. Because if we leave money aside, I can give you the solution to the U.S. health care system in one phrase: unlimited, full coverage, VIP PPO universal  health care for every U.S. citizen and resident. But we know from experience that someone must pay for this dearly. So when we talk about health care or universal health care we can’t just mention money and keep talking. In an article about health care solution you must cover money and do a lot of comparison and contrast.

It’s the same with e-cigarettes. If you talk about e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative and you don’t make the appropriate comparison with their conventional counterpart, you either did a poor job as a journalist, committing the perfectionist fallacy or you are being paid to report biased news.

E-cigarette vs. Conventional Cigarette

Conventional cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals when burned. And many of those chemicals can cause cancer and other health problems. Arsenic causes cancer and damages the heart; benzene is linked to leukemia and other forms of cancer; cadmium damages the arteries and kidneys; formaldehyde causes cancer of nasal sinuses and leukemia; and tar, which is a mix of chemicals, builds up in the lungs and causes respiratory problems.

The government report found only two chemicals in e-cigarettes known to cause cancer and those chemicals, mind you, were found only in some brands of electronic liquid. This means that if the electronic liquid is regulated, we might have e-cigarettes that don’t emit carcinogens. No arsenic, no benzene, no cadmium, no formaldehyde and no tar was found in e-cigarettes.

And what about the health benefits for smokers who switched to e-cigarettes. Wheezing and other respiratory problems, as well as smoker’s cough, disappear weeks after switching to e-cigarettes.

Please don’t use the cheapest argument against e-cigarettes—that they provide a pathway to conventional cigarettes for young or underage people. It might be a good speculation but it is a speculation after all.

And even if it’s true, long-time smokers have the right to switch to a less harmful smoking alternative. Because aren’t they the ones who paid the heavy cigarette taxes and supported the tobacco industry and state governments. If the government is so concerned about the health of smokers, why don’t they use the cigarette tax to open a lab to test and make the e-cigarettes safer, instead of trying to kill it and support the big tobacco. Why don’t they ban the regular cigarettes on the first place?

In California the average pack of cigarettes costs about $6 and the tax is $2.37. If you smoke one pack a day, your cost per month is roughly $180. At the same time, a month supply of electronic liquid for a smoker who used to go through one pack of cigarettes a day can cost about $20 (half a 30 ml bottle). So if you smoke one pack of regulars and turn to to e-cigarettes, you will not only reduce the intake of harmful substances and improve your health, but also save enough money to pay your cell phone, internet and cable bills.

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qq 6 years ago

This is fucking stupid, You get cancer with normal cigarettes anyway so why ban the stupid e-cigarette?

electric cigarette 6 years ago

Thanks for submitting this post, useful info i found on your article.

PremiumEstore LLC profile image

PremiumEstore LLC 6 years ago from Virgina Beach

Thank you for writing this hub to enlighten people about e-cigarettes. People really need to do research when it comes to e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes to see the difference between the two and realize how much safer e-cigarettes can be.

TDC 6 years ago

If everyone switched to E-cigarettes, the states would lose out on billions in tobacco taxes. That's seditious in the eyes of the governmemt.

E-Bogie.com 5 years ago

Thank you for writing this article. I've found most e-cig articles to be very biased and a mere attempt to belittle the electronic cigarette

thedutchman profile image

thedutchman 5 years ago

This hub is very informative. thanks for sharing it. I learned a lot.Keep it up.

yo 5 years ago

its great.. got to know many unkown facts...

John F. Kennedy 5 years ago

I'm not surprised at some government agencies giving a bad report card on electronic cigarettes because it's too much money in tobacco. Ok people may inhale nicotine in the process of vaping (that smoking for you newbies) but it's a hell of a lot safer than the tar and chemical processed traditional cigarette-of-death most people use today. And no second-hand smoke, that's at-least 50,000 saved yearly. And the cost, almost $1,200 saved per year. So go ahead, give the new guy a bad rap. Smart people know what is best and that is to completely stop smoking. But if you must, choose the better alternative and that is an electronic cigarette.

Izzy 5 years ago

First, I would like to say that e-cigarettes is the easiest way to quit smoking. Research shows that after three days your body completely breaks down nicotine and it is out of your system. I bought my e-cig for 20 dollars with 10 refils. Let me remind you that the e-cig I bought has no nicotine in it. Psychologically it worked just like I thought it would. It hellped me for those three days to reduce the cravings. After 5 days I stopped smoking e-cigarettes and cigarettes all together!

Just like the author of this article said there are many different brands of e-cigarettes. I've been smoking for 10 years now, thanks to the e-cig I droped this horrible habit in 5 days!

Daniel 5 years ago

All i can say is that I have smoked for 6 years since i was in highschool6 months ago i bought my 1st e cigg and it took me 1 pack to quit i saved so much money. And i feel so much better with my life and i can breath without getitng that pain in my chest

healthier 4 years ago

I'm so excited. Just got my first zero nicotine e cig cartridges and my starter kit which has light cartridges too. I've been a smoker for thirty years with a few breaks. I haven't had a real smoke for seven hours and love the new electronic ones. I'm gonna quit this time!

Gary 4 years ago

I have smoked for about 30 years. I just lost my Dad a few months ago. I am now 43 years old, and have been using e-cigs about 5 days now with no analog smokes at all. I am beginning to feel better, I can smell things better, and because of the e-cig my withdraw has not been very bad at all. I don't want to smoke regular cigs anymore. Its to bad that this country will only consider the loss in revenue instead of the gain in health and happiness of its people.

jason doyle 4 years ago

Well Im sorry to tell you, after 1 year of ECig usage, I wheez as much now if not more then I did when I smoked! ECigs are NOT safer then real cigs, they are a way to quit and for that I am thankful but they have hamrful effects: shortness of breath and wheezing are big ones!

Point is ECigs are also dangerous, they have only been around less than 10 years, so how do we know the generational impact comparison?



Kevster 4 years ago

I have read the reports and studied the subject. I still am unable to answer if the levels of toxins that are present in ecigs are at a safe level for day-to-day human consumption via the lungs. Although I too have quit tobacco, I have learned that ethanol (used in food and ejuice favouring) can, through a chemical and/or thermal action change to form benzene at certain temperatures. I'm not a scientist and don't know what I read half the time. And to that end all we need is standards of manufacture and some official scientific data and support.


Lynn D. 4 years ago

Jason is a shill for the FDA.

Mariah 4 years ago

I have been smoking cigarettes for almost 50 years. I started smoking e-cigarettes last August, and within a few days I had no more wheezing or coughing. I am very thankful that I found them.

Jcdew 4 years ago

You will always find a few people that have bad effects,some of them even from water.Overall there are 90% of Ecigs users happy with their change and have gotten health benefits from switching.

Matt 4 years ago

The only reason they want the e-cig banned is for the tax money they're losing if people stop smoking cigarettes. As a new e-cig smoker, i wouldn't mind if they taxed my e-cig cartridges if that's all they're worried about. As long as the product is not banned!!

Christina 4 years ago

It's a great form of quitting since smoking is more habit related anyways. Yes e-cig is bad, but I'd rather smoke those the last week or two when I'm ready to quit than a real cig with all those chemicals and tar.

eman 4 years ago

I am a regular user of E-cigs and enjoy them

But my wife complains that she is getting a "chesty" reaction to them, I have to respect her views and having read that glycol is an irritant I would like more research in this specific area - comments please

Indiana~Kat 4 years ago

I have been using my eGo-C for 12 days now and have no desire to smoke a regular cigarette again. I've been a smoker for 18 years and it has kept me from doing a lot of things I want to do. My husband and I both decided to do it and several of our friends have turned to them in the past couple of weeks. We spent $80 for a kit that came with 2 e-cigs, replacement parts, 2 bottles of juice, and a charger. Love it!

ecig 4 years ago

I did not smoke much. 1 pack a week. I would smoke 5-6 a day finish the pack in 4 days and not smoke for 3 days etc. in any case I did not want to smoke at all and decided to buy ecig. well I have not smoked regular cigs for last 7 months. but now I finish almost 2 cartridges a week and sometimes 3. that is probably more nicotine than I used to take. not sure if that is really an improvement. I am confused a little about it. but for last month or so I am develping breathing problems. I wheeze a little. I feel breathless faster. is this water vapor thing may be causing this? considering I was never really smoker smoker I am wondering why I suddenly have wheezing. I wheeze more when I use ecig.

marty 4 years ago

I've been a smoker for 25 years. I. Now Vape non-nic ejuice .I do feel better and I can taste and smell much better.I don't cough anymore.I havnt had a real cig in!.three weeks

EMMA 4 years ago

I feel so confident to say that Jasper and Jasper is the wonderful tobacco replacement. I have tried various brands, but the experience with Jasper and jasper was exceptionally great. It was very close to real.

tylerjbullock profile image

tylerjbullock 4 years ago from United States

Hahah I love the graphic. Thanks for the post, I completely agree with you and have written similar pieces. Check out my hub about how electronic cigarettes work at http://hubpages.com/technology/How-E-Cigs-Work...

Lisa 4 years ago

i actually like ecigs better than the real ones! Go figure? I have said, for years, " why cant someone invent a healthy cig, when they can invent just about anything? Thank u to inventor of ecigs!? Lisa M

Deeo 2 years ago

I bought an ego c and have not had a smoke since I bought it. E cig saved my life!

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