Elliptical Exercise Machine Review

Elliptical Exercise Machine Review

If you have been to a gym recently, you probably have noticed that elliptical exercise machines are gaining in popularity. Many people are wary of trying new equipment and being met with failure, but I am here to tell you that elliptical exercise machines are a good product to try if you are trying to lose weight, or even if you seek to just stay in shape. Gyms are full of treadmills, Stairmasters, and stationary bikes; but they should add more elliptical machines. To properly describe it, it is a stationary exercise machine that acts like a sort of stimulator of sorts for walking and running.

What makes the elliptical exercise machine unique to other gym equipment is that the sliding motion of the trainer, without lifting your feet off of the ground, reduces impact to the rest of your body. This provides an easier workout, in terms of joint pressure, for people of all ages. The elliptical is a cardiovascular exercise machine and helps a person to lose weight, rather than build muscle. With that type of workout and the fact it puts little stress on joints, make it very attractive to individuals who are overweight and are more prone to injuries. While the elliptical does not have the reputation of the treadmill yet, because it was only invented in 2004, it is quickly becoming popular with people of all ages.

I have experience using the elliptical exercise machine and must say it is a breeze to use. It is easy to work and provides one hell of a workout, all the while not causing aches and pains in my legs. The one main drawback the elliptical has is that it is very easy to get accustomed to and therefore it becomes harder and harder to lose weight as time goes on. If anything, the elliptical is more of an introductory exercise machine for people losing weight or getting into shape. For several weeks or months you will be able to effectively work your body by adding more time and adjusting resistance, but that only does so much. When you get to that point, it is probably a good idea to switch to the treadmill if you are looking for further weight loss because that is the next logical step. The elliptical machine will train you well to adapt to the treadmill. If you suffer from bad joints or pain, switching to the bike may be better for you. Essentially the elliptical exercise machine is a great new product on the market and it provides one good cardiovascular workout.

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