Exercise is the best medicine

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People who engage in regular exercise is generally healthier, happier and have a more balance and positive outlook in life. Exercising is the best natural medicine to prevent most major sickness from entering your life. With regular exercise and good diet , you will age well and live a happier , fulfilling and balance life. Your health will greatly improved as you are building a future quality life.

Exercise is for life and should be a part of our daily routine , lacking of exercise will makes us feel lethargic and lifeless. A good workout does wonder to our skin , limbs , muscles and joints and keep us looking healthy.Our skin glow from the inside out and we will have less aches and pain as we grow older.Also with exercise is more effective than taking prescription medications for non medical problems. With the right exercise it works wonder to fix many of our health problems like allergies , depression , high cholesterol , insomnia , arthritis and back pain. Taking just a little time each day to exercise boost our health and the benefits are a natural remedy that really works without resorting to use pills for quick relief.

When depression strikes ,the most effective way is to put on your sneakers and workout gear , head to the gym or go for a walk , jogging and running all seemed to produce mood lifting benefit. Exercising on foot was less likely to feel depressed or have symptoms of depression such as feeling sad , fatigued , worthless or unable to think or concentrate and all it took to fix this depressive mood was to go for good workout three or four times a week.It will certainly lift your depressive mood thus the mind will become more optimistic and not pessimistic.

Our muscle , bones and joints constantly need to maintain certain amount of movement and exercise to keep them in tip top condition and prevent arthritis and back pain. Pumping iron eases arthritis pain , you can start with low weights working through the pain and as the pain started to go away subsequently increased the weights. Regular workout in all those areas will prevent it from aches and pain. Cycling , swimming , walking up the stairs instead of taking elevator helps our knees to have movements.

Aerobic exercise is fun and a good overall workout for our body. Daily exercise would prompt the muscles to send out signals for more blood flow.Is also much more fun to workout then just resort to popping pills for quick temporary relief.Exercise is a permanent relief.

A sedentary lifestyle and a bad diet will cause high cholesterol in your body leading to much more serious disease if not taken care promptly.Exercise can help control bad cholesterol and burn down unwanted fatty buildup , 120 to 160 minutes per week of activities such as brisk walking , hiking , jogging , swimming and tennis will keep us healthier. It helps our arteries relax and make them far able to expand , preventing arterial stiffness , which can lead to cardiac problems.To treat insomnia and allergies try yoga exercise as a natural treatment instead of pills.Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and lessen the affects of insomnia or not being able to get sleep or stay asleep at night.

At least three times a week can help to allow the body to relax and to drift off to sleep more easily.Yoga promotes circulation and the removal of toxins , body chemicals and stress which can help with relaxation and ultimately with sleep.The body is allowed to rest , which in turn will provides a cure for the problem of insomnia. Practice yoga and exercise are fun and has so much beneficial affects on your long term health and keep your insomnia and allergies away.

Exercise is healing to your body and soul and you will live longer and also help stay young.Quality of life will increase tremendously with regular exercise.With so much positive outcome from exercising and preventing disease from stealing our health. Is never too late to start planning an exercise programs for the future so that when you grow older , you will have more quality life because of the exercise routine you kept.

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countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

Excercise is good for the body. Also doing meditation/pranayam(breath control)...is good for the mind. Good hub.

patski profile image

patski 8 years ago from Singapore Author

hey countrywomen thanks -)

p/s: hope you're doing well.

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

You are welcome. Yes I am doing well. Btw is Lion City? Singapore

patski profile image

patski 8 years ago from Singapore Author

YES -) have you been here?

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