How Exercise Benefits the Brain

Exercise for the Brain
Exercise for the Brain | Source

How Exercise Benefits the Brain

There are many benefits of doing regular exercises and those who are wondering how exercise benefits brain can read on and find the real facts about this vital aspect of your well being. Doing exercises is not only good for physical body but also does great things for enhancing your mental health by improving the powers and functioning of your brain in many ways. Sweating to improve your mind and its power is a reality and it is a proven fact that those who do regular workouts are more mentally alert and are able to solve many problems easily than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of exercises on your brain can be summarized as follows:

  • Relieves you from the bad effects of stress - When you do some of the vigorous exercises like treadmill or cross trainer for about 30 minutes there is an increase in the brain chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine dopamine etc. This shows that the strenuous workouts are able to work at your cellular levels and do away the damage done by stress and tension and help in reversing the ageing process. It also helps in altering the blood flow to the areas of brain that are affected by the stress thoughts giving them the rest and regeneration they need.

  • Exercises remove depression from your mind – by doing the right type of exercises for atleast 3 times a week burning 350 calories from your body giving out lot of sweat you can have an enhanced level of anti-depressant effect on your mind. This helps in the growth of new neuron cells in the parts of the brain that were damaged by the overly depressive thought patterns.

  • Exercises improve the learning process - by doing the activities that require lot of coordination like playing tennis or going for dance classes you are stressing your brain cells and this helps in making them create more connections among the nerve cells vastly improving your capacity to learn. By stimulating the brain matter to secrete more brain chemicals called as growth factors this process gets strengthened with sustained physical workouts.

  • Exercises boost self-esteem- when you do regular exercise you will be able to see improvements in your physical activities and this gives a sense of accomplishment boosting your self-esteem. The fitness improvements become stimulating factors helping you achieve more in terms of physical fitness improving your overall mental and physical health.

  • Exercises keep your brain fit – when you go for activities like running, biking or swimming doing them at a fast pace for some time and then slowing down and then going for the rapid movements following a set pattern can really boost your brain activity level helping you to achieve a greater brain activity during the entire day.

Apart from these the regular exercises help your brain in many ways like preventing memory loss, improve your skills like vocabulary and easy retrieval of information from your brain etc. Various studies conducted by various universities around the world both on humans and animals have clearly proved that regular workouts help in toning up the powers of your brain in many ways. So, do not have apprehensions over how exercises benefit the brain and go on with a good exercise pattern and complement it with a good balanced diet to enjoy peak of health for years to come.

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