What is the cause of eyelid twitching; Cure for eyelid twitching

You may have occasionally noticed a mild twitching feeling in the eyelids. Sometime the eyelid twitching may persist for days or weeks for some person which may be annoying but not a very serious complication which can be easily treated.

The twitching may in the upper or the lower lid in one eye or in rare cases it exhibits in both the eyes.

Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep

Less number of sleeping hours and inadequate sleep is the main reason for the occurrence of eyelid twitching in people.

Increased fatigue

Increased fatigue to the body and eyes due to over work or strain causes twitching of eyelids.

Stress to eyes

Stress to eyes caused due to straining by doing minute work or excessive reading of books cause eye twitching.

Eye strain due to viewing computer monitor

Eye strain caused due to prolonged working hours in computer or spending time by watching television for extended hours causes eyelid twitch.

Mental depression

Depression and stressful living conditions are known causes of eyelid twitching.


Certain medications taken for health problems attribute to the twitching of the eyelids.

Nutrient deficiency

Nutrient deficiency is the most important cause of eyelid twitching. Most people who suffer from the problem has acquired due to nutrient deficiency.

Treatment for eyelid twitching

Having proper and adequate sleep.

Decreasing stress by lifestyle changes.

Reducing computer viewing.

In taking vitamin capsules helps in curing eyelid twitching.

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