Eye Spa to Treat Puffy Eyes: Home Remedies and Diet

Euphrasia for Puffy Eyes

Under eye puffiness is quite a common beauty problem. Puffy eyes are dull, dreary and make one appear tired and ill. Puffiness occurs due to an accumulation of fluids around the eye.

Inadequate sleep or insomnia, sleeping on the face, crying, excessive alcohol consumption, menstruation, pregnancy, consuming a very salty diet, drinking insufficient water can all result in prominent under eye bags.

Eye Spa: Home Remedies to Treat Puffy Eyes

Here are some home spa treatments and quick fixes that handle puffy eyes successfully :

  • Raw potatoes: Raw potatoes have been used widely to ease sore puffy eyes and alleviate under eye swelling. Either grate half a raw potato and strain the juice and then saturate cotton wool pads with it or apply the grated potato on to the eye lids between layers of muslin, or slice the potato into two thick slices or five to ten very thin ones. Spritz the eye area with some cold water. Place the potato and leave on for 15 minutes. Take the slices off and splash cold water.
  • Cucumbers: The same procedure can be followed using cucumber as well.
  • Cold eye compress : Another beneficial home spa treatment for puffy eyes is using a cold compress. Place a fine muslin cloth dipped in cold water on the eyelids. Leave on for five minutes. When the cloth feels warm, dip it in cold water again and replace it over the eyes. Repeat four to five times, until the puffiness under the eyes subsides.
  • Honey and euphrasia: Take 500ml of boiling water and add five tablespoons of honey and five drops of euphrasia or eyebright. Let the mixture cool down. Soak cotton wool pads in the solution and place them over the eyes. Leave on for about 20 minutes to relieve puffiness.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Using a finger, gently press/massage all along the eye socket. This stimulates the lymphatic system and helps drain all excess fluid, thereby, reducing the swelling.
  • Tea bags: Applying cold tea bags over the eyes makes the skin around the eyes taut and lessens the puffiness. Tannin, a natural astringent helps diminish bagginess and adds a spark to the eyes as well.

Dietary Considerations for Management of Puffy Eyes

Ensure that a minimum of two to two and a half liters of water is consumed per day. It is essential to stay well hydrated. Optimum hydration reduces the puffiness around the eyes. Also ensure that adequate sleep and rest is had. Sleep soothes the eyes and relieves fatigue.

Stay away from salty foods, such as fries, chips, wafers, pickles, processed foods. They result in water retention causing puffiness. Additionally, cut down on the intake of alcohol, since, alcohol retains fluid and causes it to settle around the eye area.

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