FDA Approved Diet Pills

FDA Approved Diet Pills

Every day people have a constant struggle with their weight. For some dieting is the main focus, for other exercise, and for others a combination of both. People are often met with failure after a long time or they succeed in losing weight, but put it back on after a certain period of time. Millions of people have been there and are constantly looking for any help that they can find to aid them in their weight loss journey. The most likely aid people look to is some sort of medicine or pill that can help speed up the process or to maximize the effect of dieting and exercising. Now there are many different types of pills on the market, but if you are like me, you want something that is safe and has results to back up all of the claims made. The only way that happens, at least successfully, is with FDA approved diet pills.

The diet pill industry is a booming one, but one that has had little success in developing FDA approved products. FDA standards are very high and it takes years to gain approval for treatments and drugs for anything. The most common FDA approved diet pill is called Orlistat or Xenical. This drug is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and Roche and is only available by prescription. There is a very good chance that you have heard of it’s over the counter name, Alli. Alli is a reduced version of Orlistat and Xenical and has been consumed by millions of people to differing results. The FDA has evaluated this drug and has found that it most cases it helps an individual to lose more weight because of the chemical components inside of it.

The downside, as with any pill, is the side effects. When taking this diet pill, you need to watch how much fat you consume because of what will happen to your body. People report dreadfully painful stomachaches and loose, oily stools. These symptoms go away after the initial shock of taking the pill and if you make sure to keep your fat consumption in check. The reason fat consumption matters is because the pill prevents your body from absorbing too much of it when you eat and therefore it passes right through your system. If you are committed to a diet and exercise plan, taking Alli may be something to consider. If your doctor recommends you take higher doses of Orlistat or Xenical, then you should, but make sure you follow the directions of it. These are the most popular and successful FDA approved diet pills on the market currently, although new ones are on the horizon.

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Mason88 6 years ago from London

Very interesting, just read another hub about the wonders of this pill. There must be something to it. Didn't think that diet pills worked.

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