Keep Wrinkles at Bay! Let Your Skin Feel and Look Young the Organic Way.

Eating Healthy & Using Natural Products Allows Your Body to Stay Healthy Longer
Eating Healthy & Using Natural Products Allows Your Body to Stay Healthy Longer

Combat Wrinkles and Aging the Organic Way

Choosing organic anti-aging products and cosmetics will do more than just keep your body looking beautiful and healthy. These products will help keep harmful, unnecessary chemicals out of your body, and are less harsh on sensitive skin. Organic anti-aging products are also less hurtful to the environment, and will help you to lower your carbon footprint.

Every single day, your skin is being damaged by a multitude of different things, from UV rays, allergens and pollution, to the chemicals and irritants in cosmetics you put on your face. Adopting an organic skincare routine will help to alleviate some of this damage and even erase some of the visible signs that harsh treatment over the years may have caused.

Fighting Wrinkles the Organic Way

More likely than not, you've sought out more than one brand or category of cosmetics, organic or not. What you might not realize is that not all "Organic" products are alike. The market is literally flooded with creams, serums and balms that claim to be organic, but very few are totally, 100% organic.The USDA requires that a product contain at least 70% organic materials in order to be labeled "organic", but for most people that number is still too low. Australia's Organic Food Chain (OFC) requires 95%, which is better, but 100% organic is still possible.

Give Wrinkles the Boot
Give Wrinkles the Boot

When looking to buy organic anti-aging serums and wrinkle reducers, there are a few key ingredients that you should keep in mind, so that you know you are choosing the healthiest and more effective product possible. Those ingredients include:

  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Date Seed Extract
  • Jojoba Seed Oil & Rose Oil
  • Apple Fruit Extract
  • Coconut Oil & Evening Primrose Oil
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Australian Sandalwood Oil

Treating Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin damage and wrinkles, especially in older skin. There are hundreds of sunscreen products on the market. So many, in fact, that it may be hard to figure out which one will work best for you, especially when choosing organic.

Organic sunscreen or what is known as "Physical sunscreen" typically contains no harsh chemicals to defend against UV rays. Instead, they use the physical barriers that titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide provide. These are minerals that reflect sunlight, and won't be absorbed into the skin. Many non-organic sunscreens contain chemicals that will actually absorb UV rays, which can negate many of the cancer prohibiting benefits.

It's important to always read the ingredient label on the package before buying sunscreen. A truly organic sunscreen will contain minimal, or no chemicals. Beware labels that say "all-natural" or "organic", instead of "certified organic". There are often few regulations necessary to make these claims, and many of these products are filled with dangerous chemicals. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are sufficient in blocking UV rays, and other ingredients, such as octinoxate or avobenzone are unnecessary. Another bonus is that by using mineral based sunscreen lotions, you can get the most out of the sun exposure that you do get. Vitamin D is vital to bodily functions, and sunlight is the best way to absorb this vitamin.

The most common complaint about organic sun care products are that they are thick, greasy, or leave a white tint on the surface of the skin. This all comes down to how the product is made, and the ratio of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide used. This might put off some consumers from buying organic sunscreen, but there are many products available that have the right combination of ingredients so that the lotion doesn't seem oily, or overly noticeable. The whitish tint, however, does have its advantages. Being able to see the lotion helps to prevent missed spots which can cause uneven tan lines and sunburn.

Besides being healthier for the skin, organic sunscreens are better for the environment. Minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are biodegradable, and easier to produce than complicated chemical formulas. You also often find that these products are packaged in a more eco-friendly manner, with recycled cardboard and soy ink being used instead of plastics and other harmful things.

Turn Your Dry Skin Into Baby Smooth Skin
Turn Your Dry Skin Into Baby Smooth Skin

Treat Dry Skin with Organic Products

Another symptom of aging is dry skin. If you persistently have dry skin on your face, you have probably tried and discarded many different types of serums and lotions. It's vital to understand exactly how moisturizers work before you buy any product - especially an organic one.

Typical moisturizers contain emollients which sit on the skin surface and fill the tiny gaps in between skin cells, which create a feeling of softness and smoothness. Moisturizers also contain ingredients which stop the moisture already in the skin from evaporating, and humectants that bind moisture from the atmosphere, especially in humid weather.

No Canes & Wrinkles For Me!
No Canes & Wrinkles For Me!

The most important thing that our skin creates is natural oil molecules, which create that dewy, vibrant skin that many people take for granted.As you age, the creation of these oils declines, and your skin will become dry and dull, which makes wrinkles look more defined, and allows even deeper wrinkles to form. The drier your skin is, the older it will look. Organic oils such as coconut oil and evening primrose oil are especially good at locking moisture in and filling the gaps between skin cells. The basic principal is that oils dissolve other oils, which makes them easier to absorb into your body.

An organic moisturizer doesn't need a bunch of chemicals to accomplish its goal. Often times you can use coconut oil directly to your skin, though many people dislike the feeling that this creates, and opt for an oil-based organic moisturizer instead.Organic aloe-vera gel is also very popular for dry skin, as well as a number of other skin ailments, such as minor burns, infections and rashes.

As we grow older it’s important to realize that we are not condemned to wrinkles and canes. A growing number of individuals have pushed aside the 'old bug' and gravity with the use of all natural, 100% organic products along with a healthy lifestyle.

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