Lasik Surgery: Is it Right for You?

Helpful Tips for Finding a Lasik Surgeon

Your vision is one of your most treasured senses. However, if you wear glasses or contacts, you can’t help but envy those who don’t have to pack eye-care related items for trips or for driving around in Atlanta. Lasik surgery appears to be the solution, but how do you know who you can trust? While looking for a Lasik surgeon, will take some time, it is worth it—after all, it’s your eyes. To help you with your search for a Lasik surgeon, here are a few things to keep in mind.

· Get referrals from your optometrist, as well as those you know. You can also check online for referrals based on your region.

· Don’t be afraid to travel some for a qualified Lasik surgeon, but remember that there will be several pre-op and post-op visits.

· Ask questions of the Lasik surgeon you are considering. These should include:

o How many Lasik procedures has the surgeon preformed?

o Will the surgeon be a part of the whole process?

o How many of the patients now have 20/20 vision?

o How many, if any, patients have had problem?

o What kind of test do they perform before the procedure? Pre-op test should include checking for dryness, measuring the pupil and mapping the shape of your eye.

· Ask for references from other patients or from staff members who have had Lasik.

· Find out what type of Laser is used, if it is approved by the FDA and whether it has been adjusted by a third party.

As you get referrals for Lasik surgeons, don’t be in a hurry making your decision on a “first found, first chosen” basis. You also don’t want to make a selection based solely on cost. Like many things, you get what you pay for, and you want the best for your eyes. Consequently, if you can’t afford to get a quality Lasik surgeon to do the procedure, you are better off to save your money and get it done when you have the amount you need. A Lasik procedure is a life time investment, so be sure to get the best.



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