Flu Symtoms | Symptoms and Signs of Flu

Flu Symtoms

Flu Symtoms

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Symptoms of influenza (flu), as suddenly and often include: Fever 100 F to 104 F to 106 F, achieved with the first symptoms develop. Fever, usually is continuous, but also can come and go. Fever may be lower in older adults than in children and young adults. If a high fever is there then other symptoms are usually severe.

1. The body pain and muscle pain (often severe), often in the back, hands or feet. 2. Headache. 3. You feel pain when you move your eyes. 4. Fatigue, a general feeling of sickness (nausea), and anorexia. 5. A dry cough, runny nose and dry or sore throat. You may also not notice it in the first days of illness when other symptoms are severe. As your fever goes, these flu symptoms are more obvious and May.

Influenza usually does not cause symptoms in the stomach or intestine, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Flu Symtomos


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