In a previous hub I explained how to use a Fuzzy Brush and provided the link to Fuzzy Brush Headquarters in London.  Now I have my own site!!!! www.fuzzybrushfl.com. That hub is copied below. I was afraid to hock my goods on this site until I found where others are doing the same. i am a timid, meek little mouse, (hee hee.:)

What I did not tell you is Fuzzies are my bread and butter, I saw this product on the internet, purchased a few to see if they were any good and loved them.so I bought the State of Florida and it cost me big. Please buy some and help me feed my animals, the kid can beg from the neighbors and my husband could stand to lose a few pounds, but the animals have to eat.

They are not in place of brushing your teeth. Use them when your teeth get that nasty feeling and you aren't able to brush. They do work and I must add that kids love them. Yes, something that will make kids brush their teeth, if all else fails. Not for kids under 6, keep the babies safe. See below for the safety features and what they contain to kill the germs.

What In The World Is A Fuzzy Brush?

A Fuzzy Brush is a small, encapsulated, chewable toothbrush, Yep, chewable. Just pop it in your mouth and chew like gum. Unlike gum, it with clean your teeth, fight plaque and gingivitis. Did I mention they VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY? They are vented to prevent choking, and nearly impossible to swallow, however, if someone wants to prove me wrong, go ahead, they will pass through the system naturally. I made my husband swallow one and he is still alive.

The active ingredient is xylitol which is a natural sugar with medicinal properties. Brace wearers, appliance users and even those in dentures can use them. Mint and bubblegum flavors are available and taste great. They crunch a little at first but then the xylitol disperses around your mouth and as you chew the brush cleans your teeth, getting up into the gum to stimulate blood circulation, though it does not hurt the tissue.

Halitosis sufferers would be well served. Parents trying to get kids to brush would be well served (not under 6), especially those braces wearers. Anyone who has eaten a stinky lunch or dinner and on a date, or going to a meeting are REALLY well served. Campers, bikers, theme park goers are just a few people who could use this product.

The product was invented by a dentist in Amsterdam who was interested in his patients dental health. His son now owns the rights. it is shipped from London to Ft. Myers and goes through customs here in Florida.


Do I have a deal for you! I will sell you my snakeoil, I mean Fuzzies, for 50 cents each or 1.00 for a card of two. Pictures are included in this hub so you will know what to expect. Shipping is a flat fee of 2.50 up to 15 Fuzzies, then it goes to regular rates, The Post Office needs our money. I can bill through PayPal and I take checks, cash, food or free movie tickets but I DO NOT take small children.  So you are aware, when ordered from London they cost .80 each. 

My webite if you would like to help  feed my animals is www.fuzzybrugfl.com. This is a shameless, unforgiveable, advertisement for my woman owned, very small business.

This Lady Will Now Demonstrate The Fuzzy Brush

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