Gain Weight Tips

Gain Weight Tips

7 Tips for gaining weight.

Poor diet, stress and a fast metabolism often contribute to not voluntary weight loss. Several factors may be associated with a sub-optimal weight for your structure, since problems in the endocrine, neurological, psychiatric (eg anorexia), nutritional deficiencies, infections and tumors among others, may prevent you from gaining weight and/or fat.

Need to gain weight or fat? Follow our tips to gain weight:

1. Increase your intake of calories.

If you eat more calories than your body uses for energy, the surplus is to be stored. Eat in larger quantities, but attention to the choices, foods high in fat, salt and sugar can seriously harm your health. Should opt for eating healthy foods but in larger quantities.

2. Increase the number of daily meals.

Eat at least six times a day in your diet include healthy fats, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fats as well as fish such as salmon. Nuts, olive oil, sesame oil is unsaturated fats are healthy and essential for those who want to gain weight. Never forget also of carbohydrates like pasta and rice. Foods with high protein content are also important, such as beans and peas, chestnuts, peanuts, white meat, etc..

3. The key to gaining weight: Protein.

Increased consumption of them, are essential for building muscle and promote an anabolic environment in your body, allowing you to gain muscle mass and tone.

4. Liquids, milk, yogurt, water.

Drink plenty of water, our body is composed of 75% water, other liquids such as milk and milk-based products are rich in protein and calcium will help you gain weight.

5. Exercise.

Make gym, weight lifting, muscle hypertrophy with heavy loads, your body to adapt to the loads, will "build" new muscle tissue, thereby increasing its weight.

6 - Dietary Supplements To Fatten.

Many dietary supplements can help you to gain weight, protein-rich shakes hydrocarbons (called Gainers) not only help you recover from intense training muscularly, as are a guarantee that some more in weight gain, this because many of these products are calorie and will help you to gain weight and fat, making sure that your body always has more available calories than those it need. Thereby storing the surplus.

7 - Do not give up

Do not get frustrated, it takes several months to notice significant differences in weight, increased food intake, calories, take a supplement to fatten (appropriate) and do gym, the weight will come up!

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