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Free Styling On A BMX Bike

There are number of games played based on bicycles. They are different from professional races and are played in most creative ways just for of fun.
There are number of games played based on bicycles. They are different from professional races and are played in most creative ways just for of fun.

There are number of games played based on bicycles, apart from the professional bicycle races. Even in 1890’s when bicycles did not have any facility to pedal, young French men used to gather in parks and conduct races among themselves.

Apart from the normal bicycle tournaments like Tour de France and Olympic championships there are some extremely different bicycle games which we are not much aware of. Let us take a brief look at some of them.

  1. Artistic cycling is a sport similar to the one we see in circus. Participants can come in pair up to six or take part individually. They do lot of acrobatic tricks on the cycle. They are given six minutes to perform. Judges rank them based on the perfection in the moves and perfect landing and finish.
  2. Freestyle BMX – you would have seen people riding their bicycle across the slopes along the roads in the handles across the stairs and in anything they think sloppy enough. This is Freestyle BMX. It is an extreme sport which requires ample training.
  3. Cyclo-cross – this is a form of bicycle sport which is extremely popular in European countries like Belgium and Netherlands. In this race the player rides a certain distance and when large obstacles are encountered get down, lift his bicycle cross the obstacle walking and then mount his bike again to continue riding. There is world championship tournaments held for this sport.

Apart from this there are common games played by local groups most famous of them being slow bicycle races and backside driving. These games are played during small festivals or in a friendly party. These games are quite strange and funny and provide lot of entertainment to the viewers.

These games are quite different from professional races and are conducted for having sheer fun. They do not have many regulations or any strict rules. They are mostly conducted by a group of friends or a small community in a township or a huge office.

Online games:
There are wonderful versions of bicycle games available online which fascinates both adult and kids. Games based on bicycle are extremely popular among the kids. Though there are lots of other games which cover them, bicycle games have a special appeal to kids as most them love to ride their bicycle.

Some of the best online games based on bicycle are listed below

  • Acrobat cyclist
  • bike mania
  • cycle racers
  • BMX extreme

Websites like miniclip.com and gamesbarbie.net features more than dozen bicycle games along with the many other games. These games are best suitable for kids. They are very interesting to play and do not feature any form of violence.

On the whole bicycle refresh our mind and provides lot of relaxation either it is played as a serious sport or as a normal fun creating game. Try creating your own bicycle game and play it with your friends. Make your next party a much memorable one linked with your bicycle.

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