Can Garlic Really Lower Cholesterol

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For years, garlic has been used to promote physical and spiritual health, as many believed it kept away evil spirits and made you stronger. Even the ancient Egyptians used garlic to keep themselves healthy and to improve their strength. Today, garlic still carries a reputation for having healing properties, and one of those beliefs is that garlic can lower cholesterol, therefore helping to prevent or reduce heart disease.

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of Americans and a main contributing factor to heart disease is cholesterol. Cholesterol, in high enough quantities, can clog your arteries and not allow your blood to flow freely, eventually causing your heart to fail. Naturally, we don’t want this to happen, and garlic may be a plant that could aid in preventing dangerous cholesterol buildup in the body.

When your arteries begin to clog, they can’t deliver sufficient oxygen (which is transported through your blood) to your heart and your heart, in a sense, suffocates (this is known as a heart attack). In some recent studies, garlic has been shown to lower cholesterol, therefore helping to prevent this dangerous clogging effect. It is believed that the sulfurous compounds found in garlic play a key role in its healing properties. These compounds have therapeutic properties when they combine with oxygen in the blood and they also have the ability to thin your blood, much like an aspirin would do. Is this thinning, along with the other vitamins and minerals contained in garlic what gives it healing abilities?

None of the studies produced have been able to label garlic as the final solution to curing cholesterol, but most have shown that garlic does well in reducing cholesterol, at least over short periods of time and that fresh garlic is the best for you. If you have a yard, you may even want to consider growing your own garlic. It’s really easy and the possible health benefits are always a plus. If you’re on cholesterol reducing medications, don’t simply replace them with garlic. Talk to your doctor to make sure the healing properties of garlic will play well with your current medication.

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