Everything About The Gear Shifting In Bicycles

Easy Pedaling With Gear Shifts

We need to know about few basic things like gears, gear ratios and gear shifting to understand the connection between gear shifting and easy pedaling.
We need to know about few basic things like gears, gear ratios and gear shifting to understand the connection between gear shifting and easy pedaling.

Mountain bikes are very much faster than the normal bikes and help in riding very rough terrains. They are superior to ordinary bicycles because of their enhanced gears and gear shifting techniques.

Let us see about the gear shifting mechanism and how it increases the speed and easy pedaling.

What are gears?
Basically gears are made of two circular discs of different sizes. Both of them are cut in the end to form numerous teeth like structures. When the smaller disc rotates, the tooth touches teeth’s the bigger disc making both to rotate. The smaller disc has to rotate many times to make the bigger disc rotate once.

For example say the smaller disc has to rotate 30 times to make the bigger disc rotate 1 time the ratio is 30:1. This is known as Gear ratio. The speed of the bicycle depends mainly on this gear ratio.

If the ratio is 1:1 the bicycle is very slow and the ratio keeps increasing it becomes faster.

Number of discs like this is attached together and when rotated constantly they make a particular object move. They are usually used to hold conveyor belts in motors and in many other mechanical devices.

How to gears help increase the speed of a bicycle?
A bicycle basically works on pedaling system. If there are no gears the wheels attached to the bicycle will rotate only once if you pedal it once. Instead, if this gear setup is used in the cycle attached through a chain the gear discs keep rotating, making the cycle wheel take many rotations for fewer pedals. This reduces the physical stress, and makes the cycle go faster.

What is gear shifting?
Mountain bikes have multiple gear sets attached to them. The speed of the cycle is determined by gear ratio. When people have to drive very fast, they use a certain type of gear. When they want to control the speed while riding on slopes they change the gears which have fewer ratios which help them to control speed. This is called gear shifting.

This is done by means pulling the shift forks in the handlebars. There are numbers indicating the gears. So one can select the gear which best suits them.

How does gear shifting help in easy pedaling?
Normally we feel it hard to pedal the bicycle because of the resistance. Let us take a mountain region for example. We feel so hard to pedal towards the hilltop. Gears with maximum gear ration should be used then.

They make the wheels rotate so fast so that if we pedal once the consecutive rotations are doubled or tripled and the wheel moves the distance it moves in five or six pedals. Thus pedaling is made easy. On the other hand if wrong gears are selected and inverse gear shifts are done it become extremely hard to pedal the bicycle.

Apart from this there isn’t any major science involved in gear shifting and easy pedaling.

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