What Cases Bed Wetting in Grown Ups?

For teenagers and adult, wetting the bed is a remarkable and alarming indication. While there are tons of motives for this, if you are experiencing this you're motivated to recognize a solution as fast as you can. There's a plethora of option for curing this quandary, nevertheless only after discovering why it's happening. The following looks at the grounds for bed wetting may aid you in becoming more knowledgeable of the issue.

In adult men, bed wetting is sometimes caused by problems with the prostate. An enlarged prostate can cause men to feel the need to urinate with an increased frequency and that can, once in a while, make them suffer from bed wetting. Prostate enlargement usually happens when men hit middle age and can cause different symptoms. It's important to have this checked by a doctor, as there are more serious conditions, such as prostate or bladder cancer than have similar symptoms. Men who notice the urge to urinate happening more frequently and who have issues with bed wetting should get their prostates checked out. If your prostate is causing you to wet the bed there are medications and medical procedures that can make this problem go away.

One possible cause of bed wetting is drinking too many fluids before going to bed. Sidestep soda, alcohol, coffee or tea when it's a late hour of the evening. Even drinking large quantities of water can produce the need to urinate frequently in the night. While this doesn't always lead to wetting the bed, it does occur sometimes, specifically if you are an individual who often sleeps like a rock and is hard to be woken up once you are asleep. If wetting the bed is a new sign of illness, however, it should be inspected by a medical professional to make sure there isn't a more serious reason. By and large, imbibing a high amount of beverages at night will normally wake you up in order to urinate, however bed wetting for this reason is out of the ordinary.

There are lots of substances and medications that can make you suffer from bed wetting. Diuretics that are taken to treat high blood pressure or heart problems can make the kidneys produce extra urine. If you are on this kind of medication ask your doctor about changing your ingestion schedule so that you won't have to take it before bed. In some instances, athletes who take steroids will have lots of problems including bed wetting. Some illegal drugs can also make this problem happen, especially if they are used a lot. If your prescription medications cause bed wetting, you need to talk to your doctor so that you can figure out how to prevent it in the future. If it is caused by illegal drugs or steroids, stop taking them!

When bed wetting occurs in adults, it can be very upsetting and embarrassing. There are lots of causes for this condition--it can be emotional as well as physical. Because in some cases there is a serious medical problem involved, a doctor should always be consulted. This article contains just a few of the reasons that teens or adults might wet the bed. Thankfully, there are lots of treatments available for bed wetting so, no matter what is causing yours, you should be able to treat it.

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4 years ago

Oh my god I just went in my pants and im turning 83 tomorrow

nickf 2 years ago

I rolled over in bed and not as you,felt my pants and they were wet.Sleeping and wetting is a disaster.

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ashantee 18 months ago

My mom uses to pee in her pants when she was a kid

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