5 ways to lose face fat

lean face

how to lose face fat

The first thing you notice when you look at someone is their face, so therefore, it is important to keep the face lean a beautiful. There is nothing as annoying as a puffy check so below are tips on how to lose face fat

The most effective way to lose fat in any part of the body is through exercise so if you want to get rid of that puffy face in no time, follow the steps below

* Go for weight training

Weight training is very good for toning up any part of the body, weight training helps you develop muscle and muscles help you burn calories even when sleeping.

*Chew gum

Make sure you chew gum every time, apart from the fact that it prevent hunger, it also help you tone up your face.

*Other exercise
other exercise like opening your mouth and closing it for like 10min, chewing your food very well before swallowing it, and jogging/walking a mile a day will help you get rid of puffy chin

Reduce salt intake

try to reduce your salt intake because salt encourage the body to store water, therefore its important to avoid to much of food like pizza, burger chips and other junk food because they are full of sodium which make you thirsty and water which make your body store water. Also control the amount of food seasoning you use while cooking your meal.

Reduce alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol is a bad idea generally because alcohol has many calories and also poisons to the body, also, don’t eat while drinking because the body will not digest it and it will store as fat.

Don’t drink water before bedtime

if you want to know if this is true, then drink at least two glass of water before going to bed, and I assure you that by the time you wake up, you check will be puffier , apart from the fact that its make you uncomfortable an disturb your sleep, it also make your check puffier


Reduce the amount of food you normally eat, eat a lot of fresh vegetable, fruits and also take some multivitamins


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ammaranoraiz786 7 years ago


Melanie 7 years ago

Interesting set of tips there.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago

Very simple, but great hub I love the way you just got to the point and informed people about your information. I used to have a lot of face fat, but as you said I weight trained and now I have a very slim face, and I love it. Gum was also a great idea, because I noticed when I chewed wads of gum when I was on my diet and lifting my face structure became sharp. I will try your other tips like lowering salt intake and the simple no water before bed trick. Thanks for the hub

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 7 years ago

i liked this seems fairly simple to get a lean face

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Very interesting, who knew chewing gum helps. I stopped chewing gum over 30 years ago, maybe I should pick the habit back up. Wonderful hub.

Steven King profile image

Steven King 7 years ago

Wow! Amazing hub. Great info.

sweetjulie profile image

sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria Author

i thank you all for stoping by

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 7 years ago


The information in your hub makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is the exceptions to these tips that occur in some people.

I have a friend in her mid 40s, thin as a rail but in good shape. She is a wine consumer everyday and maybe a bottle on the fun occaisons, which could just be the weekend.

BTW, sodium doesn't apprear to be a problem because she still salts her food, even before tasting it.

She jogs, and eats randomly, usually going to salads after having too many treats in addtion to the wine.

Her metabolism must have a lot to do with her not gaining weight, but is that all there is to it?

sweetjulie profile image

sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria Author

while some people can eat and eat without gaining weight, others will gain and gain weight for mere looking at food. my friend, its nature, its the God created you, you cant complain even if you want to. you just have to take it that way

Jr 5 years ago

Drink tons of water before bed, my face isn't fat though, I guess we are all different Julie

sagar 3 years ago

its hard man

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