Good Friends, Good Life

I never really had many friends growing up. I played with other kids on the playground at school, and there were people I talked to, but no one i went to sleepovers with, or went out with as I got older. I was the weird kid, who was in band, was academic, wore glasses and braces and had frizzy hair. I was also overweight. So I never fit in throughout high school either. The girls I knew were all catty, and that just wasn't my style. Then, I got into a relationship with someone, and met all their friends, and their girlfriends. This is who I hung out with. As new girl friends came and went, I lost and gained new friends". I found out recently that two of those girls ended up being real friends, and it made me sad to know that out of all the people i met and knew, I only had two true friends that were girls. I didn't have many guy friends either, because I found that caused jealousy in my relationship. Since then, I have begun a new relationship, with someone who has never become jealous, and encourages me to make friends and go out and do things. I can honestly say I now have more friends, guys and girls, than I ever had my whole life. It makes a world of difference. Having someone to talk to, to go out with a get away from the stresses of work and bills, someone to laugh with, tell secrets to, shop with. It seems like such a small thing, going shopping with a friend, but honestly, it changes the experience 100%. There is something to be said about being strong, and being able to take care of yourself and deal with life on your own, but having good friends to have a good time with really makes the tough times in life bearable. I couldn't image going through some of the things I've had to go through if I didn't have this great group of friends to lean on.

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Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

Yes, having a good set of reasonably close friends can really help to make one feel human.

dhagan profile image

dhagan 5 years ago from Powder Springs, Ga.

I was a bit of a loner growing up as well I still am to a certain degree I played by myself most of my childhood.

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