Hangover Headache Tips

Hangover Headache Tips

One of the worst experiences after one has too much alcohol to drink is the dreaded hangover headache. Whether you had a moderate amount to drink or went all out, you very well may have experienced one of these before and odds are you will again. A hangover is the experience of the effects of heavy alcohol consumption. It usually appears in the morning after waking up. Now, a hangover can manifest itself in many different ways. Examples of a hangover include the headache, nausea, dehydration, vomiting, weakness, and sensitivity to sound and/or light. I have had my fair share of these events and the one that gets me every time is the headache. A hangover headache is possibly one of the worst experiences out there. Your head has a pulsating pain inside and it will beat and beat for hours. I have found there are a few things one can do that will help to preempt a hangover headache or help mitigate it once you have one.

1)      Before you go to bed, if you are not too intoxicated, take an aspirin or two. I frequently do this and it will circulate through your body to help fight a possible headache. It has the best effect when you can only get a few hours sleep, because it will be in your blood when you wake up. The vast majority of the time, I either do not have a headache or it is a relatively minor one I can deal with.

2)      Also before you go to bed eat something. As long as you do not feel queasy or ill, I would recommend eating something small. Pretzels, crackers, bread, etc all help to absorb the alcohol in your stomach and it will help your metabolism digest the alcohol in your stomach. When you wake up in the morning, provided you do not feel like you need to vomit, I would eat something. Getting sustenance in your system will speed up the process of getting rid of a hangover headache.

3)      Stick with the same type of alcohol all night. By that I mean, either all beer or all wine or all liquor. If you have the same consistency all night, I have found that it is easier to handle come the next day. I do not know why, but I think your body become use to processing a certain type after an hour or two and become easier to do that. If you mix it up a lot, you throw a wrench in the process and your body has a harder time getting rid of the alcohol.

4)      Stay away from mixers that contain a lot of sugar. This only applies if you drink liquor. If you are mixing rum or vodka or whisky with a soda or sugary fruit drink, it will compound your headache. Sugar gives me worse headaches than anything else, because it is harder for your body to process sugar. Not to mention, you are far likely to consume at least three times the amount of sugar than alcohol, if you mix your drinks to proportion.

5)      In general I have always found that wine and beer give me worse headaches than liquor. I imagine this is because it takes more wine and beer in your system to get a buzz, then it does liquor. Since it takes more, you consume more and that is more complicated for your body to process.

6)      Lastly, drink plenty of water before you go to sleep. Many of the hangover symptoms are caused because your body gets dehydrated. By having extra fluids in your system, you will have a reserve of sorts and be able to have extra water in your body. In theory, your cells will not be as dehydrated; hence the hangover headache will be less.

 All of these tips are designed to ease the headache aspect of a hangover, but most likely will help with all general symptoms. One thing that many recommend, but I left off the list is to drink an alcoholic drink. Some feel that a little bit of alcohol will ease the symptoms. That may be true, but usually I cannot stand the sight or smell of alcohol the next day, so that would make me vomit. Not to mention, eventually your body will go through a hangover and the longer you delay it, the worse it will probably be. Now, these suggestions all work for me and I try to follow all of them whenever possible. I cannot guarantee it will work for you, but it is worth a try. Good luck!

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fried eggs in the morning

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