Who Should Fund Health Care? - Let's Get Serious!

Healthcare funding: Who should REALLY pay?


If you're going to help make me sick, you'd better be ready to help make me well, too!

The following philosophical discussion on healthcare funding in America represents my personal views, and nothing included here is intended to implicate any corporation, company or other entity with regard to American health, health care, or health insurance programs. The information here is simply my viewpoint on what I believe is an equitable manner to "share the burden", and to foster a sense of accountability re: toxic chemicals, pollution, and other body-burden impacts to overall health and well-being.

Health care in America needs to be overhauled; and health care funding for Americans should NOT be borne solely by American consumers!

Why should people have to pay for health care that is very likely necessitated by some of the toxic and hazardous chemicals, food additives, environmental pollutants, and other 'body-burden' impacts imposed upon an unsuspecting public?

I would like to share a proposal for what I believe is an equitable health care funding for Americans concept; which I believe fits neatly into our current age of accountability and transparency. It is based on the following simple premise:

Whosoever shall knowingly participate in or contribute to the decline of the general health of the masses shall likewise participate in or contribute to the restoration and healing efforts necessitated by same.

Essentially, this means: Using widely available knowledge and data about known adverse health effects of numerous products, it is becoming more and more apparent that there are very real links, and substantial proof that we are poisoning ourselves every day by using typical consumer products (even some foods). And, when our daily dose of poisons builds up to critical levels and begins to impair body functions, systems, organs, and more; we find ourselves sick or diseased; and, ultimately, in need of health care. It's almost as though we are "expected" to become sick, and "expected" to get into a regimen of pharmaceutical medications, and "expected" to ultimately succumb to it all...and all at OUR cost...physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially.

Isn't there something wrong with that picture? Doesn't it sound just a little 'unfair' that health care funding for Americans should be entirely borne by taxpayers and consumers?

What a viscious circle! And, in my opinion, one that needs to be stopped!

  • It is known that our polluted environment affects health in adverse ways.
  • It is known that chemicals in our foods and other products we use cause adverse health affects.
  • It is known that everyday job stresses cause adverse health effects.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) specify which organs may be targeted by some products and ingredients.
  • Many product labels indicate that the product 'contains substances known to the State of California to cause....(health effect filled in here)'.
  • It is known that our foods, cosmetics, and many everyday products cause adverse health effects.

We gotta get serious!


Do your own searches!

I do not expect you to take my word for the allegations I'm rambling about here. I encourage you to dig into things yourself, to see just how much information is available on this topic. I do not (cannot!) make this stuff up myself, instead, I do the research to learn, then try to share that with others. But, please, perform your own searches to find out more.

For example:

Search for "health effects of___?____" (fill in blank with product ingredients, chemicals, food ingredients, etc.): Try these terms to fill in the blank: Pesticides, household products, herbicides, fertilizers, food processing, food additives, genetic alterations, cell phones electromagnetic forces.

Of course, there are so many things that we are exposed to regularly, that it is nearly impossible to isolate any specific exposures as being solely responsible for a particular adverse health effect one might experience; which might be one reason the practice of using dangerous ingredients and polluting our environment is allowed to continue.

But, that should not stop us from demanding that ANY who contribute to adverse health effects be held accountable; at least by making them pay into a Health Care Funding for Americans program. Anything less is to allow and permit large-scale damages, and even death; and CERTAINLY, NOT all such exposures are by our own choices!

So, why shouldn't those who knowingly participate in or contribute to the adverse impact to the general health of the population be held accountable and responsible to participate in and contribute to the improvement, restoration and healing of those adverse health effects imposed (in part) by their products?

Likewise, we, as individuals, are responsible through personal choices:

  • We don't have to use that product that tells us California knows it can contribute to our ill health.
  • We don't have to eat all that junk-food.
  • We don't have to eat processed or genetically altered foods.
  • We don't have to drink, swim, fish the polluted waters.
  • We don't have to use tobacco products.
  • We don't have to have all the latest electronics or other EMF emitting items.
  • We don't have to put on deodarants, lotions, or other cosmetics.

We don't have to partake of anything that we have learned may cause us harm; but how easy or practicable is it to truly avoid them all?

  • We do have to breathe the polluted air.
  • We do have to participate in the work environment.
  • We do have to lead a 'normal life' within our society; and we are virtually 'forced' to accept what's put there for us, with little or no true knowledge of the dangers associated with it.
  • We do have to accept and trust the systems in place to protect us all.

If our government can sue the tobacco companies for billions of dollars for deceit and covering up known adverse health facts of tobacco products, why should any other known harmful product manufacturer liabilities be any different?

As consumers/end users/likely sufferers, we have a right to protection from such damages.

  • Why shouldn't manufacturers who use chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or other health problems be held accountable for the impact their profit-driven business has on the health and welfare of the uninformed population?
  • Why shouldn't food and cosmetic companies who use known harmful additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. be held accountable?

We are what we are exposed to, or expose ourselves to. Many diseases and illnesses are at least effected by, if not caused by the things around us and the everyday things we've come to take as OK, because we believe that our Government is keeping a close eye on all this, for our safety.

I am not saying our government agencies are not doing anything, but, we know there is much room for improvement. I believe the moral, right solution is for all to share equitably in all areas of the general health of our civilization.

If you're going to help make me sick, you better be ready to help make me well, too!

Health care funding for Americans must be overhauled now!

Let your government representatives know you do not expect to have to pay your hard earned money for damages brought on by hazardous substances and exposures to ingredients or forces (EMFs) you expect to be safe and free from adverse health effects.

(c) 2004-2012 w1z11 (CRH)

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