Herbal Detox Tea For Easy Cleansing

Herbal Detox Tea Lets You Relax Away the Toxins

While many people drink coffee in the morning to get them going, just as many rely on decaffeinated herbal teas in the evening to help them relax and enjoy the evening. If you choose an herbal tea with the right ingredients, your evening drink can even help you rid your body of toxins and poisons as well as being relaxing.

First, let's start with a little Tea 101. There are three main types of teas; black tea, green tea and herbal tea. A beverage made with black tea leaves is what you get when you order iced tea in a restaurant. Green tea, on the other hand, is made from tea leaves that have not been oxidized, thus leaving them with a higher level of antioxidants than black teas. The third type of tea, herbal teas, do not contain tea leaves at all, but are instead a beverage made of steeping dried herbs in water.

So, of all these types of tea, which is the best if you're looking for a good detox tea? Because of its high levels of antioxidants, green tea is an excellent detoxifier. However, you should be aware that green tea is not decaffeinated. Drinking more that one cup of it each day can be bad for your heart and circulatory system, especially if you have high blood pressure or heart disease. Also, when drinking green tea, always make it yourself. Bottled green teas tend to have quite a bit of sugar and other flavors added to them to improve the taste. The bad effects of the sugar and added flavor can outweigh any health benefits you may be getting from the tea.

Probably the best bet if you want a natural detox tea is to try one of the many varieties of herbal teas. These teas are caffeine free, so it is safe to drink as much as you'd like. Be sure, however, you are aware of how these teas will affect you before drinking a large quantity of the tea. These teas generally perform their detoxing action by acting as both a diuretic and a laxative. This encourages the body to rid itself of waste products more rapidly. It is suggested you supplement your herbal tea with plenty of water to help flush the toxins out.

Experts suggest that you start slowly during the first few days you drink herbal detox teas. These teas are best drunk in the evening after a meal. Start out with only a cup of weak tea, and then slowly increase the amount and strength of the tea you drink. If drink too much too quickly, you may find yourself running to the bathroom more than you'd like.

Herbal detox teas are a great choice if you want a way to naturally cleanse the body of impurities. As well as being cleansing, these teas can also be relaxing and can put a comforting end to any long day.

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Randall Lusson 9 years ago

Short but sweet article. I definetly agree with the need to drink a lot of water during detoxification and with starting out slowly. We sell two brands of detox teas and agree with both of thoserecommendations.


Jennifer 8 years ago

I love drinking tea I drink herbal tea about two times a day (every day). One herbal tea that is great for balancing hormones in women is Chamomile. It's really the best herbal tea to drink ;)

michael 7 years ago

I have been using Kombucha tea and have found it quite good. The tea has antibiotic, antibacterial and antiviral properties and purifies the body by binding to toxins and promoting their excretion.

paco 7 years ago

tea is AWESOm

nad 6 years ago

Kombucha tea is excellent! I have one that is mixed with green tea though and worried about the caffeine content. what about Ginkgo tea?

Malik 6 years ago

I drink a cup of a white tea everyday..considered the healthiest tea to drink.

Katrina 6 years ago

Research shows that drinking green tea 3-4 times a day is essential to help prevent cancer... so I'm not sure what this nonsense about only limiting it to once a day is. I can understand that for coffee,, but for green tea? The more the better!

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get rid of spam 5 years ago

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hiit 5 years ago

Amazing hub! Thanks for a great post

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Cindy 5 years ago

Katrina, I believe Yogi makes a decaf green tea. Noone is arguing the great benefits, it is the caffeine. Now you can have your green tea and drink it too ;)

RobynS 4 years ago

Great article (and posts), even today. I am doing my first one-day juice detox to get some toxic medications out of my system. I have a juicer, lots of fresh greens and fruits, and a great variety of green teas. I'm on my way!!

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