Home Remedies for Head Lice

Home Remedies for Head Lice

Lice are tiny parasites with a great ability to stick to the hair, so it is often difficult, besides detecting their presence, to remove them. The itchy scalp, especially in the area of the neck and behind the ears, is the first symptom that must be understood as a warning signal to respond and fight this plague. Note that normally a person infested with head lice will have about a dozen at a time living in the head, although many are growing and dozens are dead.

Having head lice can be a very bad experience, specially for children, if their friends discover that, children can be very cruel and alienate someone that may have head lice, so if you detect head lice on your children take care of this problem as fast as possible.

How to eliminate the head lice?

  • When detected the presence of head lice should be started, immediately, the treatment of the whole family, to remove them and prevent their spread, with the products listed in the pharmacy.
  • Comb your hair daily with a very fine comb for lice, which remove the more loose and break the legs the ones that are still attached.
  • Keep hair short or gathered in the case of girls with long hair.
  • Do not share personal items, including brushes and combs, hats or scarves.
  • Wash clothes and bed at higher temperatures and more frequent.
  • Disinfect with hot water any personal items.
  • Aspire cushions, sofas, stuffed animals and car.
  • Check your hair at least once a week.
  • Inform the school, family and closest friends so that they too can do the preventive treatment.

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