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What's Urticaria?

Urticaria is an illness commonly referred to as hives. It's a skin rash,which often becomes raised, and has itchy bumps. The person with hives may also feel a burning or stinging sensation. Usually, it is caused as an allergic reaction to something a person may have inhaled, eaten, or come in contact with earlier, but several other causes have also been found.

Causes Of Urticaria

Like what was stated above, urticaria or hives may be caused by allergies, but there are some other known causes such as:

  • Drugs or medications. Although this is also like an allergy induced hives, hives caused by medications are pretty serious. In fact drug-induced hives are known to have effects on severe cardio-respiratory failure.
  • Skin infection. Hives may also be introduced through the environment. It may appear to be a complication or a symptom of a parasitic infection such as ascariasis or fascioliasis. Do take note that rashes that develops from certain plants like poison ivy or poison oak isn't really hives.
  • Dermatographic. This is the most common type of hives, which appears to about 4-5% of the population. Dermatographic hives can be induced by simple scratching.
  • Temperature. Some people experience hives at cold temperatures, while some have at a hot temperature. The cold one is more common whilst the hot-induced hives is rare.


Home Remedies For Urticaria

While the best way to cure hives is to go to your doctor or dermatologist regarding it, there are some home remedies that may soothe the itching for you. Do note that this condition heals itself, so you'll only need to alleviate symptoms.

  • Mix alum powder and red ochre powder in equal quantities. Apply this mixture on the affected area.
  • Mix rosewater and vinegar, usually at 35 mL of the former and 25 mL of the latter. Apply on the affected area. This should relieve you of the itch.
  • Prepare 7 grams of mint and 25 grams brown sugar. Boil them at 175 mL water, then drink it.
  • Having a cold bath, but this is pretty much only offers temporary relief.
  • Adding cornmeal, oatmeal, and salt to your warm bath.
  • Chamomile, wild oregano and green tea.
  • Get about a number of holy basil leaves then wash them. Grind until about a paste texture, then apply the paste on the affected areas.
  • Apply aloe vera gel in the affected areas.

Home Remedies Vs Common Treatment Methods

While these home remedies urticaria can be good especially in the treatment of hives, I'd still recommend you to go visit your medical professional regarding this. This is because while drugs can cause you hives, having to take some herbal or natural treatments can also cause you hives like medications do. So it's always better to hear an advice of a doctor regarding this. Remember that these home remedies are pretty much there to relieve you of the symptoms, and not much of a cure.

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