Home Remedies for Hangovers

Home Remedies for Hangovers

Many doctors believe that a hangover is the result of two main phenomena, which are brain inflammation and mild dehydration.

If after drinking a few glasses of alcohol, you start to feel symptoms of a hangover, there are several home remedies that can help relieve them. Here are some home and easy to prepare remedies for a hangover:

Hangover Remedy #1: Take a lemonade will help in rehydration.

Hangover Remedy #2: Make an infusion with boiling water. Take some ginger and press the fleshy part between thumb and forefinger to make a tea.

Hangover Remedy #3:
Take at bedtime, an orange juice and dissolve a tablespoon of sugar.

Hangover Remedy #4:
Some fruits that can help: Tangerine, melon and strawberries.

Hangover Remedy #5: Eating two bananas can help you feel better faster. The bananas will supply your body with potassium lost during dehydration.

Hangover Remedy #6: Prepare half a liter of water, a lemon and a handful of nettles. Boil nettle leaves in water for 5 minutes. The lemon juice is added at the time of taking it. It is recommended to take this mixture first thing in the morning, fasting.

Hangover Remedy #7:
A mix of lettuce leaves with some kiwi and grape juice smoothies in the blender. Drink a glass of juice.

Hangover Remedy #8:
Prepare a juice with the following ingredients: a slice of papaya, one cup of skim milk, four cubes of ice, a piece of cinnamon powder. This is mix all ingredients except cinnamon, which is added at the end. Divide into equal doses and take during the day until the symptoms pass.

Hangover Remedy #9: Prepare a juice of three tomatoes, cucumber, peeled, chopped and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix until no lumps and drink immediately.

Remedy for Hangover #10: Wash and cut eggplant into pieces. Place it in the blender with a glass of water. Mix for one minute. Strain and drink as soon as it is ready.

Remedy for Hangover #11: Make a vegetable broth, including two potatoes, celery, zucchini, beets and carrots that energy will back.

Remedy for Hangover #12: Pour two tablespoons of mint leaves in a cup of boiling water. Cover and refrigerate. Grab a cup and add, if desired, a teaspoon of organic honey, thus relieving the headache and, in turn, to activate the process of rehydration.

Remedy for Hangover #13: Extract the juice of two oranges and add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of cumin. Drink a glass of juice.

Recommendations for prevention of hangover:

Drink slowly. You need to drink slowly so alcohol appear only in small amounts in the brain. This occurs because the body burns alcohol at a fixed rate of about 30 milliliters per hour. If you give more time to burn it, will be less alcohol in your body.

Drink with a full stomach. Food slows the absorption of alcohol, regardless of the type of food you eat. So, eat before drinking.

Avoid fizzy drinks. According to studies, all alcoholic beverages, including champagne, make alcohol entering rapidly in the bloodstream, causing a hangover.

Some tips for when you have a hangover:

Try eating a breakfast rich in carbohydrates (bread, whole grains) to help gradually increase glucose levels. Adding a tablespoon of honey, it also help your body metabolize alcohol more quickly. It is important to eat during the day, light and moderate food such as soups.

Drink plenty of water: Because a hangover is mostly caused by dehydration, drinking plenty of fluids can help you feel better.

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