homemade skin care

Homemade Skin Care - Cleanser Recipes

Cleansers are a great way to clean your skin from all the dirt and bacteria you have gotten from whatever you've been doing during the day or night.

Believe it or not, cleansers aren't hard to make, and they can even be fun! So why don't you try to make your own homemade skin care?

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Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Cleanser Recipes

Grape Facial Cleanser



1 Cup Mashed Grapes

1 Teaspoon Olive Oil

1/2 Teaspoon Salt or Baking Soda

1/4 Cup Milk


Put Grapes, oil, salt / baking soda, and milk in a blender and blend well.


Apply to your face then wash off with warm water.

This homemade facial cleanser can be used morning and night.

Did You Know:

Grapes - are high in antioxidants and minerals

Salt - is and excellent for exfoliating and removing toxins in your body.

Baking soda or Salt mixed with Milk creates a gentle exfoliating mixture.

To mix all your homemade skin care together

Gentle Facial Cleanser



1/2 cup oatmeal or cornmeal

plain yogurt (add enough yogurt to form a paste)


Mix all the ingredients until they turn into smooth cream.


Apply smoothly over face avoiding around you eye area.

Did You Know:

Oatmeal - is highly absorptive, hypoallergenic and excellent for softening skin. Out of all the grains, oatmeal is the best for a source of amino acids (Amino Acid works as a water-binding agent in skin care). Oatmeal is clinically shown to heal dry and itchy skin.

Strangely enough, in shampoos, dusting powder, moisturizers, cleansing bars and other cosmetics, straw and oatmeal is commonly used.

More Great Recipes For Homemade Cleansers...

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For More Cleanser Recipes

To Make And Enjoy Just Clik On The Links.


Strawberry cleanser, and Apple cleanser (good for acne prone skin)


Cleansers for different skin types.

To find out more about skin types click here


Oatmeal Face scrub


Lots of cleanser and scrub recipes

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - Good for all skin types



6 tablespoons (3 oz) Peach kernel or apricot or sweet almond oil

120g (4 oz) Almond meal

4 tablespoons (2 oz) Cider vinegar

4 tablespoons (2 oz) Water

6 drops Essential Oil of your choice

(lavender or lemon oil are beneficial to oily or sensitive skin)


Combine all ingredients in a blender and pulse until the mixture becomes a paste-like consistency.

Some oil for your hamemade skin care cleanser

Sea Salt and Lemon Body Cleanser



lemon juice


sea salt


drink a cup of hot water with some lemon juice in it every two hours. This will flush out the toxins that have built up in your body.

Sea salt will also draw toxins out of your body. Combine sea salt and water to make a paste. Then apply to your body, allowing ten minutes before your shower.

Did You Know:

Lemons - are a good source of vitamin C

Salt - is excellent for exfoliating and removing toxins from your body

Cute book for more homemade skin care recipes - Great for preteens and teens!

If you have any tips please share them with us.

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GonnaFly profile image

GonnaFly 6 years ago from Australia

What a chic-looking lens. Well done. :-)

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Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

These are totally awesome recipes and such a beautiful presentation! Angel Blessed and added to my Squid Angel Mouse Tracks lens.

bestundereyecream 6 years ago

Great lens!! Excellent recipes for keeping the skin healthy, smooth and youthful. Thanks for the information!

Shibamom LM profile image

Shibamom LM 6 years ago

This is a great lens. I've been making and using the exfoliating cleanser you have here for years. It's great. I'm anxious to try the one using grapes. Thanks!

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norma-holt 6 years ago

Blessed by an angel and featured on Sprinkled with Stardust. An amazing effort and looking forward to seeing more from you

KOrazem profile image

KOrazem 6 years ago from Pueblo West

This is a lovely presentation and your recipes are wonderful.

KOrazem profile image

KOrazem 6 years ago from Pueblo West

This is a lovely presentation and your recipes are wonderful.

Werkpaardje 6 years ago

Yes, I have tried homemade skin care. Mix turmeric and honey to use this as a

scrub(cream) .

Beautiful lens layout and wonderful recipes.

callinsky lm profile image

callinsky lm 5 years ago

Wonderful lens and beautifully laid out. I will have to try this. The Sea Salt and Lemon Body Cleanser sounds wonderful. I cannot believe that you are only 15. Bravo.

tssfacts 5 years ago

What a lovely presentation. Yes, I have tried homemade skin care. They are the best no "bad" stuff in them. You have a few that I haven't tried yet but will do so.

BusyQueen profile image

BusyQueen 5 years ago

Nice lens. 5* from me! Thanks for visiting my lenses! Really informative. Nicely detailed. I love the exfoliating sea salt!

ohcaroline 5 years ago

This is a very nice lens. You should be proud of your accomplishment. Great information.

cnishiyama 5 years ago

Loved your site! I tried the "Grape Facial Cleanser," tried it with evaporated milk though. Absolutely amazing. Hope you'll visit my lens, it is a about skin care too (No Fuss Summer Skin Care Tips). I added you to my related lens ^^. Again, awesome site!

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enslavedbyfaeries 5 years ago

Oh, more fun recipes! Thank you, again. :)

purity12lover 5 years ago

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I came back to bless this lens. Blessed by an Angel. This lens will be featured on my angel lens: "angel-on-assignment".

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jmsp206 5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

Great lens Miss puppy!I have tried some homemade skincare recipes and you certainly have a few good ones here!

anonymous 5 years ago

Lots of great skincare recipes here. I have pale sensitive skin and I'm always on the look out for simple skincare ideas.

anonymous 5 years ago

Great lens

GonnaFly profile image

GonnaFly 4 years ago from Australia

So pretty! Blessed and added to my Frugal Living lens.

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens with some quite useful information.Thanks a lot for sharing :)


amyrechar 4 years ago

Yes my family does homemade facial scrubs and steams. I am going to try some of your recipes.

Ninche profile image

Ninche 4 years ago

I did, and love it! Great lens!

oiloflife 4 years ago

Very helpful Lens with great information and such cute pictures!

JaneEyre9999 profile image

JaneEyre9999 3 years ago

I use a commercial lactic acid peel but I bet I could make a nice treatment at home!

anonymous 3 years ago

This is nice, great info here on home made skin care..Thanks a lot for these tips.


inutzza21 profile image

inutzza21 3 years ago

Great lens, I love homemade products and I would like to let you know I featured your lens on one of my homemade cosmetics pages .

Visit http://wizzley.com/mascara-homemade-recipe/

anonymous 3 years ago

i have never tried it so i will !!!

msemuel 3 years ago

Nice lens, Thanks for these useful tips.

VictoriaKelley profile image

VictoriaKelley 3 years ago

Nice recipes I am looking onto making my own salves and skincare. Thanks

Mariel-JD profile image

Mariel-JD 3 years ago

Great info - I've been looking for something really gentle but effective for skin cleansing.

BodyWrap profile image

BodyWrap 3 years ago

I love homemade! You always get to choose your own ingredients and indulge in pampering needs without paying for high spa prices.

miaponzo 3 years ago

There are some lovely skin care recipes here!!! Thanks! And blessings to you!

bookmarkme 3 years ago

love this lens, definetly gonna try some of these skincare ideas.

johnsonry 3 years ago

Very nice lens!

chickie99 3 years ago

good natural easy-to do skin care.

anonymous 3 years ago

Some great skin care recipe's here. Will definitely give a couple of them a try!

candidad 3 years ago

I never imagined it would be so simple to make your own skin care!

anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks for posting this lens. I've been looking for some simple skin care recipes to try. I never have the results I want from store bought products, plus they are so expensive and have a lot of unsafe chemicals in them.

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