How Aromatherapy Works - How to Choose Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Role of aromatherapy
Role of aromatherapy

Natural essential oils extracted from shrubs, plants, seeds, fruits, herbs, trees, and flowers from around the world form the base of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a holistic science that improves the mental, spiritual, and physical health in a natural way. The work of aromatherapy is to clear up the toxins and boost immunity with use of aromas thereby empowering the body to start the healing process on its own. Due to high levels of stress, responsibility, obligations, and demands at work and at home, our life has become very distressing. These types of lifestyles have led the people to develop several health problems. Thanks to aromatherapy as it helps in calming, relaxing, detoxifying, and neutralizing our hypertense body with use of a wide variety of essential oils that can be easily adapted to different lifestyles and needs. In this way, aromatherapy works wonders on our body.

How Aromatherapy Works via Nose?

Aromatherapy works through the nose by inspiring the small molecules of essential oil via evaporation by stoves or direct inhalation. After inhalation, these molecules are carried to the lungs where gas exchange occurs which is the process by which they pass into the circulatory system.

Essential oil blends, key ingredients, and their functions.
Essential oil blends, key ingredients, and their functions.
Aromatherapy via nose
Aromatherapy via nose
Aromatherapy via skin
Aromatherapy via skin
Where, how, and which aromatherapy essential oils work chart
Where, how, and which aromatherapy essential oils work chart

How Aromatherapy Works via Skin?

Aromatherapy works through the skin by application of lotions, essential oils, creams, aroma baths, and cold and hot compresses. The tiny molecules of aromatherapy essential oils penetrate through the skin (epidermis) and reach the deeper layer (dermis) where the capillaries absorb them and transport them to the circulatory system.

How to Choose Aromatherapy Essential Oils

When choosing essential oils for aromatherapy, it is essential to verify that the oils are pure, natural, and undiluted and does not contain harmful synthetic oil. Also, each essential oil provides a particular aroma and effect according to the plant from which it is obtained. At the time of opting for essential oils, we should make it clear with the aromatherapist that what physical or emotional effect we want to achieve with that oil. We can find relaxing essential oils like lemon balm oil and lavender oil, aphrodisiacs like jasmine oil, ylang ylang, and rose oil, decongestants like mint oil and eucalyptus oil. For anxiety, we can opt for mandarin oil or orange blossom oil. As restoratives, we can try bergamot oil and lemongrass oil. For enhanced memory and concentration, we can use lemon oil. Also, it is possible to blend oils provided that the chosen oils whether 2 or 3 provide similar effects but we must keep in mind that it is not appropriate to blend more than 3 essential oils at a time.

In the recent years, aromatherapy has expanded as a complementary therapy or alternative medicine that is more effective and enjoyable because of the wide variety of wonder herbs, their essential oils, and their calming and soothing effects. Also these essential oils have made possible for the aromatherapists to work wonders on our body.

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Hi jinmai, can you please tell me regarding what purpose should I call you. Waiting for your response.

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sandalwood oil is very nice smelling. as is Jasmine.

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nifty@50 6 years ago

I think that you explained something that is pretty complicated into something that is easy to understand, good hub!

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ethoil 6 years ago

Interesting article on the various ways essential oils work through the body.


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This is great stuff!! Thanks for the hub! I will bookmark it and vote it up and useful.

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If I am not wrong, it was the eastern peoples who has guarded all this knowledge, while we in the west were busy conquering the world, and lost this valuable information.

Essential oils is part of true treasure, and we are so glad to learn about it again. Thank you for a very informative hub.

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Tkumah 6 years ago

How true it is about those oils and their healing affects.

Great information and thanks for sharing.

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Very useful especially that image of a person showing the various oils and their uses.

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Thank you so much ocbill, nifty, Ehoil, Lady Guinevere, equealla, Tkumah, and ethel for your visit, comments, and ratings. I am glad that it has been useful to all of you.

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