How Does Chocolate Affect Your Metabolic Rate?

Chocolate & Metabolism

There are several chocolate lovers in the world and this is more than just because of its pleasant taste that is often addictive. Several research studies have also shown that eating chocolate produces a positive feeling and creates this sense of euphoria. But David Wolfe delights all chocolate lovers in the world with his amazing discovery. Apparently, there's more to chocolate than meets the eye.

How Does Food Impact Metabolism?

Your body's metabolic rate is one of the most important processes involved within the human body since it is responsible for burning calories in the body and converting that into energy that is utilized to perform daily activities. Without energy, you are unable to perform even the simplest of physical tasks. People can either have a slow or fast metabolism rate and either one could affect the speed at which calories from food you intake are burned in order to generate its nutrients into something that your body can make use of.

There are various activities that can help speed up your metabolism, which is important for those who want to lose weight. But even when a person is sleeping or in the so-called resting phase, your metabolism still continues to burn calories inside your body. Given the role of metabolism in facilitating for basic body functions, it is just as important to determine what types of food affect your metabolic rate.

David Wolfe on SuperFoods

Wolfe's Concept of Super Foods

Most people think that their metabolism is something that is innate and natural in them. Hence, most people feel hopeless about their desire to shed off extra weight since they think they have nothing to do to intervene with this natural process. There are actually ways to influence your metabolism and one of them is choosing the right types of food to eat. These are what David Wolfe has categorized as Super Foods, since they help to speed your metabolic rate for a faster calorie-burning process.

There are several types of fruits and vegetables that belong to this category. Some of them are avocados, berries, citrus fruits, apples, cabbage, and broccoli. But the most surprising inclusion to this group is chocolate. David Wolfe backs up his proposal of chocolate as a potential weight loss food and intake of the right kind of chocolate is actually quite beneficial for your metabolism.

The health benefits of chocolate

The Anatomy of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most powerful types of food belonging to the Super Foods category, says David Wolfe. Just make sure to choose the organic type of chocolate over the commercially produced ones to ensure that it is purely organic and natural. Then, eating chocolate would help produce the right kind of fat into your body and other essential nutrients. These are all essential components, in addition to speeding up your metabolic rate, for a healthier way to lose weight.

Specifically, chocolate helps in increasing the rate of glucose metabolism. So one experiences more extensive health benefits apart from using it as a weight loss tool. If you want to lose weight while protecting your cardiovascular system at the same time, there is no better choice of food to include in your diet than chocolate.

Weight Loss Through Chocolate?

David Wolfe suggests replacing your choice of snack foods with chocolate if you want a healthier way to lose weight. It helps to break the common nutritional myth, which claims that chocolate can contribute to weight gain. In reality, it does otherwise and makes an excellent addition to your weight loss diet plan.

The ability to lose weight through eating chocolate indeed proves to be a breakthrough in the medical and fitness field. Therefore, you get more reasons to enjoy eating chocolate apart from the “feel good” sensation you can derive from it. Read below to learn how chocolate facilitates in achieving your weight loss goals.

Three Ways To Weight Loss

The idea of eating chocolate for weight loss might sound like a myth but there are scientific evidence that David Wolfe has presented to back up his claims. Below are some excellent ways wherein chocolate acts up on your metabolism for a faster and healthier way to weight loss.

*The antioxidant properties in chocolate helps fight harmful free radicals in your body in order to totally eliminate them.

*Chocolate makes an effective appetite suppressant so you can control your amount of food intake.

*Chocolate speeds up your metabolism rate in order to produce energy for added vitality.

Healthy Chocolate, Benefits of Chocolate, Chocolate health

Chocolate In Your Diet

Now that you have realized the impact of eating chocolate in your metabolism and how it can eventually lead to weight loss, the next step is for you to determine how you can incorporate it into your diet. A good idea is to replace unhealthy snack meal choices with chocolate. Since most snacks like junk foods comprise several unhealthy food components and ingredients, switching to chocolate for your snacking habit provides you with more opportunity to enjoy its delectable taste while ensuring that you help to improve your metabolism.

Additional Diet Tips

Your diet to increase metabolism does not have to be bland and boring. Chocolate will help to spice up your diet choices and here are excellent tips to enjoy chocolate and experience its benefits:

  • The most important advice to keep in mind is to ensure that the chocolate you are eating is organic and all-natural. Synthetically produced ones do not offer the same benefits as organic chocolates.
  • In comparison, dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. The former contains several antioxidant properties that help your body eliminate harmful toxins.
  • Provide a good mix of food types in your diet to ensure that you get a complete assortment of necessary nutrients. The key here is moderation to ensure balance in your diet.

5 Things: The Benefits of Chocolate

More Benefits From Chocolate

The emotional and psychological benefits of eating chocolate that are known to most people are just a glimpse of what it can actually offer. There are several other health and nutritional benefits that chocolate brings. An important word of caution from David Wolfe: steer away from chocolates that have a high sugar content. Wolfe would even go as far as suggesting eating raw cacao beans, which is mainly used to produce chocolates.

For one, chocolate increases your glucose metabolism, which is good at preventing cardiovascular diseases. The cacao is also rich in antioxidant properties and iron, both of which are essential for achieving improved overall health.

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Hendrika 19 months ago from Pretoria, South Africa

I love the dark chocolate and now I will look for some organic ones that do not have too much sugar. Portion control may be a problem though!

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Victoria Baughman 2 years ago from Michigan

Thank you!!!! I LOVE chocolate in every way! I always thought I wasn't doing my body justice because I eat chocolate, but wow was I wrong!

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I'm a huge fan of David Wolfe, I'm happy to see him mentioned here on hubpages. I've been meaning to include him in some of our hubs as well. Thanks for excellent information!

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Wow, you don't need to convince me. I'm all for throwing out all my other snacks and substituting chocolate instead. Could you recommend a few brands of organic chocolate that tastes good (not bitter)?

Thanks for sharing!

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I must confess White chocolate is my favorite and milk chocolate. But if I get organic will it still be good do you reckon? A little bit of dark chocolate won't be unbearable I suppose, but I wouldn't want to have it at the expense of tastier varieties.

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i love the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolates.

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