How to Cope with Decreased Appetite in Pregnancy

Almost two third of all pregnant women go through decreased appetite during pregnancy. There is nothing very serious to worry about it but it is really a matter of concern if your caloric and other nutritional requirements do not meet due to appetite loss. This appetite loss is very common in first trimester, in the next two trimesters mostly appetite increases to greater extent. This loss of appetite can not be linked to a single factor, multiple of factors cause appetite loss. If pregnant woman is suffering from nausea and vomiting too, along with appetite loss then maintaining nutritional balance becomes more difficult. 

Appetite loss usually cures by itself after first trimester but to fulfill nutritional requirements for the proper growth of fetus diet should be planned in proper manner. If problem get worse its better to consult your physician as well as a nutritionist. 

If you face problems of loss of appetite during pregnancy do not get worried. This is something that you can handle by yourself if the problem is not severe. If problem gets severe and you feel least empty on stomach consult your doctor or physician because this should be treated seriously.

Following suggestions might work well:

  1. Eat Small but Frequent Meals The easiest way to sustain your energy level as well as nutritional balance and to fight with appetite loss is to eat small meals. A pregnant woman can have as many as 7 small meals a day. Small meals will be easily digested and will not cause nausea or vomiting. Small meals easily pass from esophagus to stomach and to the intestine and do not cause heaviness.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water Water loss or dehydration can cause several problems in pregnancy. Secondly, if water is drank on proper time it can increase appetite. Water intake should be increased during pregnancy. Dehydration can cause kidney problems. Urinary infection is common in pregnancy and if does not cured and fluid intake is not increased it stays throughout pregnancy and can cause severe problems in child birth.
  3. Eat Light Food Some food items do not cause nausea or indigestion problems. Fruits, vegetables, boiled rice and grains are light on stomach and do not have strong odors, comparatively meat products and dairy are hard to digest and have strong odor which can cause nausea. Specially in morning take light food that can overcome your morning sickness.
  4. Eat Food that does not Cause Nausea Now every woman has sensitivity to certain food items. Not everyone has similar intolerance to different foods but still food that has strong smell should be avoided to control nausea. Some woman feel morning sickness and can not eat most of food stuff in morning but they do not feel the same during rest of the day. Better is that they should eat plenty of food and take plenty of nutrition during day time and should avoid eating heavy food in morning.
  5. Check Timings of your Nutritional Supplements Sometime nutritional supplements too cause indigestion or gastrointestinal problems. Iron is often associated with diarrhea and constipation, such problems can cause loss of appetite.
  6. Avoid Fast Food Junk food contains high sodium-content which can also cause loss of appetite. Junk food fills the stomach but as it contains no calories it causes nutritional deficiencies. Women who have cravings for junk food are often low in many essential nutrients.
  7. Take Nutritional Supplements Nutritional supplements remains the only sign of hope if appetite loss gets severe. Some women feel full on stomach all the time so this can not be cured by medicines, since you can not take pills to increase appetite every time. Nutritional supplements usually fulfill your RDA for most of the vitamins, minerals and to some extent some micro-nutrients like antioxidants can also be obtained from nutritional supplements.
  8. Avoid Taking Tobacco If you take tobacco or smoke you are also at risk of getting malnourished and having less appetite for healthy food.It is a well known fact and people who smoke heavily do not have appetite for healthy stuff in their normal routine. In pregnancy when your gastrointestinal tract is much more sensitive to smells, taste and like you should not take risk of smoking which reduces appetite.
  9. Brisk Walk A brisk walk ensures good health in pregnancy. Avoiding activity and laziness can also be the reason for loss of appetite. Light walk will ease food to pass down the GIT tract and will help revive your appetite.
  10. Consult your Doctor In case of severe loss of appetite consult your physician for assistance in this regard. Severe loss of appetite can cause severe malnutrition.

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J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Very good information! Thanks for sharing. Voted Up and Useful.


gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Good to know that it has been proved useful for you.

irum 5 years ago

great hub

Rehma Jamshed profile image

Rehma Jamshed 5 years ago

Eat small and frequent meals. One of the best tips anyone can give to a pregnant women. The moment a lady shares her pregnancy news, she is expected to start eating heavy meals due to the common thought "you have feed two people now".

Great tips. Thanks for sharing them.

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Small meals are good in every situation and for every individual whether old or young, pregnant or not. Small meals are easy to digest and become part of body. Thanks for the comment.

Carol 5 years ago

im 18 and i don't mind the food or anything just the drink with my mates !

Carol 5 years ago

im 18 and i don't mind the food or anything just the drink with my mates !

Jamie 5 years ago

I'm 8 weeks today and my appetite is poor but the weird thing is that when I do have the urge to eat I instantly get nauseous. I haven't had any morning. Sickness and I grind myself eating. Once a day if that and I know. Its not healthy.b I don't know what to do at this point, forcing myself to eat results in me throwingU up whatever I forced down

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Jamie nausea and womiting is a big problem for many women till 12 weeks, if you too are having womits and nausea eat small amount at a time and don't eat food that produce strong smells and can cause nausea. Talk to your doctor if eating becomes too difficult but there are fruits and vegetables that can help you fight through nausea feeling. Eat juicy fruits and green vegetables especially.

profile image

kelleyward 5 years ago

It is kind of strange but I experienced this during pregnancy. Not often heard of, compared to eating for 2. Thanks for the informative hub!

Edgar 4 years ago

Nice contribution. I am going to apply with my wife

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