Developing Intuition - How can we use our intuition or gut feelings

Developing Intuition
Developing Intuition

How to Develop Intuition

Developing Intuition: How can we use our intuition or gut feelings

The path is lighted, the way is clear, the doors are open, for the mind that is all knowing and in direct link with the divine. Go in to your inner guidance and you will get all the answers that you are searching for.

What is your intent... you will get an answer according to the purity of your intent.

And then the rest depends on the doingness - the action - the taking over from thought to realism.

Give a firm question to your mind and you are going to get a firm answer. Give it a sublime question and you will get a sublime answer.

Some people are doers and hence achieve their goals through the shear strength of their actions.

Others are tuned into the divine-ness of the being... they are tuned in to their innate divine guidance... and they get all the answers and directives from within. They are told what to do... and they go and do it... and because they are following divine directions , they reach their intent that much faster, that much effortlessly. Because divine power is working all the way to help them to achieve whatever they were after.

And even others are those who are the lost sheep of the world... they are neither doers , nor diviners, they are simply engulfed into the living-ness of life... their life is ruled by their second by second whims and passions... by their trying to conform to someone's concept of living a ‘cool' life... these are just the carriers of life. Otherwise they are not really living. They don't have a clue of what's happening to them or theirs. They are simply doing and living what they think they should be living and doing.

They don't know that moving from one stage of being-ness to another is quite easy... IN fact as easy as quieting down and paying a little attention to their inner thoughts.. and directing them to think in a certain way... the way of peace.

Awakening the unconscious mind - For Developing intuition

Start by giving yourself only five minutes a day...

Look around you and admire the beauty of nature.

Thank the universe and the divine for...

  • each and every cell of your body
  • each and every breath of your being
  • each and every rhythm of your heart
  • each and every flow of your blood
  • each and every thought in your mind.

Then look within start giving love to each and every thought circulating in your mind.

Lovingly quiet it down. Put it to rest. Just like a mother would put her lovely child to sleep at night. Give it a hug in your mind. Give it a kiss. Lay it down to rest and lovingly draw the covers over it. Allowing it to sleep peacefully.

Put all your thoughts to sleep one by one... quiet your mind.

Let the love and peacefulness of stillness flow all around you and engulf you into a state of total peacefulness. Enjoy the peace

Give yourself this moment of stillness, calmness and peace everyday at the same time. Make it a habit. Practice it. And once you are good at creating your moment of peace whenever you need to... now give it the question... to which you seek the answer.

And you will get your divine answer.

It will come from within the recesses of your own being... your own mind. For your link to the divine has been embedded inside you. It is right there. Just like you need to oil a lock or to clean away rust and foliage before you can access anything. Similarly you've got to clean the debri from your mind, before you are able to reach that divine link that connects you to supreme energies of the universe. Once you are at it. There is no holding you back. The way is clear. The path is open. Go and access your divine wisdom.

How can we use our intuition or gut feelings - How to Develop Intuition...

Once you have awakened your unconscious or subconscious mind. You now need to practice using your intuition. Start with small everyday matters. For instance:

- On a Saturday morning for breakfast... should you eat pancakes or omelette on toast... close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to access that place of inner peace inside you, then think about the two choices... Go with the one which makes you calm, serene or makes you feel better.

- For that party on Friday night, should you wear the black dress or the white dress - taking a few calming breaths, go deep inside and ask yourself the question... then resurface and go with the choice that makes you feel peaceful.

- What topic should you select for that important speech you are about to make... Go access your intuition, the answer will come to you.

- If you are in a financial crisis and need to come up with some money... go ask your intuition... you will get an answer about what actions to take.

- If you are faced with relationship issues, knock on the door of your intuition for help, and very soon you will be able to come up with a viable answer.

- Will it be safe for me to travel by air today... access your intuition and you will know.

Always remember to take the choice or action that your subconscious mind nudges you to take. This signals to your subconscious intuition that you are paying it attention and taking its advice... that it is your major partner in everyday life and success.

Once you have beaten a path to your intuitive self, using the practice of inner peace and calmness, you now need to practice it as often as you can. For as with any other skill, if you don't use it, you will lose it. And practice makes perfect. Now if you use it often enough, you will find intuitive hunches coming to you at the speed of lightening or even faster.

You will have the inner peace of knowing that you are fully safe and supported in every situation come what may.

Here you may have a question: How can I be sure that the actions or choices I am about to make are the right ones?

Well if you have been accessing your intuition in the right way... then there are no wrong answers. The choices you make or the actions you take after consultation with your higher intuitive self will be the perfect ones for you. You have to trust the process fully. There is no halfway. You will feel the peace, calmness and serenity that comes with doing what's right. It's an intense feeling of relief and lightness... And that's what will tell you that it's the right way.

Though remember: Intuition may manifest in different ways for different people.

  • For some it may come as ‘voices in their head' ,
  • for others as ‘visions'
  • for others the answer may come in ‘dreams'
  • for even others it may be their feelings... feeling uncomfortable, scared, butterflies in the stomach etc, or feeling peaceful, happy calm.
  • For even others it may manifest as aches and pains in the body - yes the body may respond in different ways.

That's why you are advised to develop your intuition slowly starting small, this way you will be able to identify the way it works for you. And sometimes it may work in multiple ways. You will know your own individual characteristic responses and what's right for you once you keep polishing your intuitive abilities.

Here the question to ask yourself is: ‘What do you feel in your heart?' Do what you FEEL is right NOT what You THINK is right.

You have to learn to trust the intuitive process. One way of developing this trust in intuition is by affirming:

"Thank you God / universe. I know that you have always done the best for me and I know that you are doing the best for me right now. I totally believe and trust in you".

Repeat the above affirmation as often as you can or write it down 30 times everyday for the next thirty days. Your unconscious mind will be imprinted with this trust in the divine powers and this will come through for you in the process of intuition development.

How to Develop Intuition - By Sonia Choquette

Intuition Stories...

Intuition helps by Warning of imminent danger - pay attention to intuitive warnings.

This is a personal story. When my son was a few months old and learning to crawl, he somehow woke up in the dead of the night and crawled out of his crib and room right to the edge of the staircase. It was around 1 am in the night, we were all dead asleep. I don't know what prompted me in my sleep at that instant, I remember jumping out of bed, rushing out to the stairs and grabbing my infant son just before he toppled over. My intuitive nudging saved my baby from sure injury that night. Several years have passed. My son is now all grown up, yet every time I think about that moment, my hair still rise on end. What if...

Key lesson here is : Pay attention to intuitive warnings, which may manifest as sudden fear, feelings of unrest, dis-satisfaction etc.

Intuition helps in getting out of financial crisis - Follow your instincts

There was a time in my life when both myself and my husband were out of work and we were down to our last thousand dollars... Thinking about next months rent and expenses was driving us nuts especially since we were also out of our employment insurance too!

Well some instinct prompted me to attend an info session for a course at one of our local colleges. Even though I did not have any finances to pay for it, following my instinct, I applied and had the admission letter within three days... now I had the added dilemma of how to come up with five thousand dollars within 10 days before the program started - even a student loan took six weeks to process, and I needed to pay the fees in full before that. Well I gave the question up to my subconscious...

The answer came to me that night... I should go visit my bank manager and talk to him. That's what me and my husband did early next morning. And guess what ... we discovered to our amazement, that we were entitled to a credit line of $25000 right away, and I could still apply for the student loan, which I did later on. We were out of the red almost instantly... From there things just got better.

Key Lesson: Follow your instincts and trust in your subconscious to bring you the solution.

Intuition helps in making the right choice: Go with your Gut Feelings

A friend once had to choose between two guys she was dating at the same time. One was a financial bedrock with a cushy corporate job and all the world smiling down upon him, while the other fellow was still finding his feet in financial matters and ‘wet behind the ears'. All her friends and her mum were pushing her to go with the ‘bedrock', even her own logic told her to do so. Yet deep in her heart she wanted to go with the ‘wet-behind-the-ear's'... She went against all logic and followed her heart to ultimately achieve a strong, happy and ‘for-ever-after' relationship.

Copyright (C) Shahnaz Rauf Law of Attraction

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PS: Do you want to share any intuition stories of your own - Please leave them in the comments section below.

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Comments 18 comments

chris  8 years ago

intuition helps in getting out of financial crisis - Follow your instincts

I have a question of validity of the article because it is a well known fact that no bank is going to loan money to anybody that can not prove that they have a way to pay back the loan with her and her husband with no job and out of unemployment insurance there is no way the bank would loan them the money even if they put ythere house up as collateral. It just doesn't work that way. Send your comment to

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments Chris. This article is valid. Stranger miracles have happened when people have truly tuned into their intuitions and followed through. The world is full of such strange tales if you go digging for them. How this happens is not yet fully understood to common knowledge. Yet the impact of this mind phenomenon is so profound that even major governments like the US military have recently started funding research into the use of mind power as widely reported in the news recently. Why not try tapping into your own.

chris 8 years ago

I beleve in the power of the mind but I am also a logical person and I find that story hard to believe . Further more it misleads people into thinking all they have to do is imagine there money problems going away and some bank is going to lolan them money. What was the name of the bank or was it all make believe?

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments again Chris. This article is not about telling people how to imagine that there money problems will melt away by magic, but how to rely upon their intuition to find a possible solution to work out their problems in the best way that may be applicable to them.

Please note that in this article the person was initially inspired by intuition to get a valid admission letter to a full time program of study, before she started searching for a student loan, then she was inspired to go to 'her own bank' where she was a very long term customer, and they already had all her past credit history etc. Her long time past credit history plus her authentic letter of admission somehow satisfied the bank. Besides that I have no more comments on this matter. This article is totally valid. And you are absolutely free to believe what you will. Thank you.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

General Note To Everyone Reading This Article:

1. Please read this article in its complete context. It is about using your own mind to find your own solutions. The examples specifically mentioned here may not necessarily align with your own 'intuitive solutions'. They are just mentioned here as examples of how it worked for someone in the past.

2. With all the 'Fishing scams' and 'Identity thefts' and other scams going around these days - I am 100% sure that every authentic person will agree with me that :

I cannot reveal someones sensitive banking info or otherwise here and compromise them in any way. And I have no intention to do so either. So please take this article at face value.

3. Please note that the author does not claim to be an expert of any kind whatsoever, this is simply an article about the authors thoughts and experiences - Presented here in good faith for information purposes only - so use it at your own risk.

4. I respect whatever opinions you may form - However, please post here only if you feel that they will add genuine value to the understanding of intuition or mind power.

5. Peace and Joy to all.

intutionzone profile image

intutionzone 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

I'm starting to awaken my intuition as well, and so far it's been a great journey! Thanks for the video with Sonya - I've only just recently heard of her.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

Hi, loved the article, very informative and useful for those not yet activated with their intuition.

I wonder what your commentor would think to what happened to me in court after the 5th session of litigating for myself against an eviction case that needed to be in the public eye so that people realised what was going on, which it was. At the end of this very complicated case, which I lost, the judge added up the costs for all 5 hearings and passed me the accounts to check over - to which I said, this is nothing to do with me, I have no money to pay this. The bill for over $25,000 dollars never came! I was not surprised because I knew it could not come, it was not meant to come. Intuition leads to divine will.


brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments intuitionzone. Have fun along your intuition journey. Wishing you the best.

Hi Universal Laws,

I love your story. It goes to enforce the idea that there are amazing universal powers operating just below or should I say above the radar of our very limited senses of perception. We just have to find a way to tap into that universal flow.

I specially like your insight that 'Intuition leads to divine will'.

Peace and Joy.

Jenna~sea profile image

Jenna~sea 6 years ago from Oregon

It is nice to know that i'm not crazy or at least i'm not alone in hearing, seeing or feeling certain things. your awareness is quite calming to incounter,when i was reading through your hub got a flash of something very beautiful coming your way. (I asume your aware of this) anyway, I send my love and suport with you on your karmic path !!!!!!

Carolyn 6 years ago

Thanks for an in-depth and informative article about trusting one's intuition. I think that is the key--learning how to trust the information that you are getting. If you do, incredible things can happen.

muchtolearn 6 years ago

Thank you, I really appreciate this article. I am just starting on the path to developing my intuition. Once I thought it was sheer luck when I followed those little flashes that told me to do or say a certain thing, but I am learning this is really my intuition. I have paid it little attention for far too long! Thanks again

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 6 years ago Author

Thank you all for your comments. Just keep following those little flashes, nudges, insights and inspirations that proove that there is something deeper guiding you. Keep in touch with your intuition.

Peace and Blessings to all!

akuigla profile image

akuigla 6 years ago

I was not listening to my intuition and I paid that with divorce.

You are right about everything.

I have my good share of listening my intuition.It is the profound sense of peace and simplicity when the message from beyond comes.

Right now Im in developing my intuition or divine connection for 25 years.

Your hub gave me one new insight.

Thank you.

James 6 years ago

Great info, it is helpful, nice hub :)

Ruzica profile image

Ruzica 5 years ago from Windsor, On, Canada

Great info brainmaster! Lately, more n' more I'm getting interested in intuition. Going with what your heart's telling you it would be a simple way to describe it- I think. It is never wrong from my experience, I just need to practice it more, like you sad; what you don't use, you loose.

carolp profile image

carolp 5 years ago from Switzerland

A very interesting topic. Intuition is very important to go through our way of living. I have intuition in myself and i always listen in to it, follow it as it makes me feel better in doing things and avoiding uncomfortable bad risky situitions with success.

Debra  5 years ago

Years ago, I had a gut feeling that I listened to. It saved my life. A stranger had come to the door. For some reason, I had a 'feeling' so I put the chain lock on the door before opening it just a bit. This stranger was saying he had dropped by to check on me since my husband was not home as he was doing military training. The stranger started saying things such as "Remember I helped your husband put up the swimming pool for your kid?" This was not true as my husband did it by himself. I then slammed the door and immediately called the police. The stranger took off running. I honestly believe that my gut feeling saved my life. This is not the only time my intuition has saved my life or helped me in some way.

profile image

NJMomma 2 years ago

This happened to me about 17 yrs ago. I was leaving for work one afternoon, went to my car and started feeling really uneasy. I got in and the feeling got so was like a nagging voice feeling,( Its the bestway I can describe) Anyway, I sat there and kept feeling that feeling, I put my key in the ignition and the nagging feeling got stronger, and I had a bad feeling about backing out of the driveway. I then started to think...Nah, I looked back and went to put it in reverse and the nagging voice just got i put it in reverse and tapped the brakes and all of a sudden , my 5 yr old son came out from behind my car on his bike and said I almost ran him over....He was HIDING BEHIND MY CAR!!! I just couldn't believe it...The nagging voice was saying, DON'T BACK UP,DON'T BACK UP...I will never forget that!!...I will always thank god!!!

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