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Are you interested in how to quit smoking? Are you afraid you'll turn to a harmful substitute? Then this article is for you. It's a holistic view about becoming smoke free and living well. It's my own personal account of some quit smoking tips.

First I started on an exercise routine. I wanted that to become my new habit. I did something I enjoyed - low impact water aerobics. I became hooked in about a week and it was a habit in 30 days. I started feeling great about myself. My self esteem was rising and I was beginning to live well.

My next step was to wear the nicotine patch. I had tried Zyban and Chantix before, but they didn't work for me. They both had negative affects on my brain chemistry. So I stuck with something I knew would be safe for me. It was hard but I made it. I kept exercising and I also used something I call Visual Affirmations, which is a very important quit smoking tip.

A visual affirmation is an image or set or images that evokes a positive feeling about a certain subject. For example, if I want to live well, then I may create a vision board full of pictures of healthy food, people exercising, nutrition charts, quit smoking signs and so on. Then I would look at my vision board every day. Or I could take those positive pictures and create a slide show out of them. Put it to music and make a video. Then view that video on my computer or my cell phone whenever I needed a boost.

My main substitution for quitting smoking was breathing. Each time I wanted a cigarette, I would think, "I want to breathe."  I started meditating. Meditation works best when you can take in deep, full breathes. So breathing was more important to me. I even created a video about breathing.

Meditation is another quit smoking tip. You can use guided imagery to visualize your lungs growing healthier and healthier each day.  You can imagine fully breathing in nice clean air and it clearing out all the toxins in your body.

Cell phone applications that show you how much money you are saving help keep you moving in the right direction. You can even hook them up to twitter and let your followers know how you are doing.

Most importantly, visual affirmations are key to making changes in your life. You could use a vision board, slideshow or even a video. It can easily aid you with stop smoking, exercising more and eating healthier over a period of time. It's all about living well and preventing a harmful substitute from jumping in there.


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