How to reduce pain in gums: Remedy for swelling in gums and pain

Disease in gum is a serious illness. Gum pain suddenly onsets severely without manifesting any symptom. Sometimes the pain will be unbearable accompanied by swelling of the gums and some extreme cases with swelling of the face too. You may sometime notice bleeding in the gums while you floss or brush your teeth. Gum problems can be very easily treated without requiring medical attention on most cases. Let’s discuss some home remedies for the gum problems.

Avoid smoking

To have a health gums avoid smoking at all costs. The nicotine in cigarette smoke affects the soft tissues of the gums causing it to swell. It also aggravates the existing problem in the gums making it sore. The infection causes by smoking may sometimes spread to the throat.

Avoid Aspirin

There is a myth that using powdered aspirin on swollen gums provide relief from the swelling and pain but it is not always true and make situations even worse. The chemical components of aspirin irritate the soft tissues of the gums causing further damage to them.

Brush your teeth gently

People with gum problems tend to be brush their tooth aggressively with the intention of keeping it clean and often ends up in damaging their gums further. It is always advised to use a soft toothbrush and a mild fluoride toothpaste and brush the teeth in gently up and down strokes other than brushing vigorously.

Try using tea to reduce pain in gums

Tea is best remedy for bleeding gums. Wet tea bags when kept over the bleeding gums the tannic acid present in the tea helps to stop the bleeding almost immediately. 

Give up brushing your teeth till your gums heal

If there is an open wound in the gum it is best to avoid brushing your teeth to avoid further damage to the gums caused by the bristles of the brush. You may gently clean your teeth with tooth paste on your fingers avoiding the affected parts.

Try oral rinse

It is a good practice to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth wash to reduce the plague formation and prevent the multiplication rate of oral bacteria. As a substitute for mouth wash, warm saline water can be used to rinse the mouth especially on the affected gums to get remedy.

Avoid foods that affect the gums

When you have a gum pain it is best to avoid hard foods that further damage or rupture the gums. Also spicy foods, carbonated beverages and sodas and other foods containing acidic components can be avoided to enable faster healing.

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fucsia 5 years ago

Thanks for these useful informations

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cathylynn99 5 years ago from northeastern US

the recipe for saline (salt) water is 1/4 tsp salt to 1 cup warm water.

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