How to use a Scar Removal Cream

How to use a Scar Removal Cream

Millions of people are affected by scars, both major and minor. Scars are inferior layers of tissue that are formed following a wound to the skin. Wounds can be caused from accidents, surgery, and disease. The majority of people have a scar, of some magnitude, somewhere on their body. After the wound heals, the new skin that forms over the damaged area becomes what we call scar tissue. Scars, if they are visible to everyone else, can cause people to feel uncomfortable about how they look. For those with severe scars, the best option for them would be to have surgery. Scar removal creams cannot “fix” major scars.

Whether it is from acne, stretch marks, or just an old injury, you may very well have minor scars somewhere on your body. The types of creams to use depend on where the scar is located on your body. Body creams and face creams often have different qualities because the face is much more sensitive. If you have a scar on your face, your best choice is to use an over the counter brand such as Mederma or Scarzone or something in that family. These creams are not overly strong and since they come in small tubes, it should be enough to make a difference on your face. The trick is to use these creams at least twice a day. I would use a cream once in the morning and once right before bed. You need to fully rub the cream into the scar area and make sure it dries. In addition, heavy exposure to sun may hamper efforts to heal the scar. The cream takes time to help blend the scar into the rest of your skin. By all accounts, it will take several weeks before a noticeable difference is seen. Scar removal creams work in a gradual way, especially when dealing with one’s face.

Scars on the body can be treated with more heavy duty creams. The body is not only more resilient, but the scar is likely to be much bigger. The bigger the scar is, the more cream that will be needed. That alone will increase costs. Letting a cream fully dry into a scar, while wearing clothes, is quite difficult. Because of this I have reached the conclusion that unless the scar is really noticeable on your body and makes you uncomfortable, then you should not worry about it as much. Apply cream when possible, but results will take longer to be noticed. The face is the first thing that people see, so it is naturally the top priority and what most creams are made for. In the end you need to do what is best for you, and using a scar removal cream will help both your appearance and your confidence.

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Good informative post

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Excellent hub! People often forget the importance of applying scar removing cream properly to get the best results.

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