How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

The presence of cholesterol in the human body is extremely beneficial, but only in the right quantities. Although it is highly recommended to have moderate cholesterol levels, there is a fundamental condition: the control must be done accurately, otherwise, rather than a desirable situation there is now a black backdrop to avoid by all means.

The result of carelessness with cholesterol levels is one of the factors that more "help" to the obstruction of blood vessels, whose ultimate consequence is the dreaded, fatal stroke (CVA), the leading cause of death.

Moreover, the indicator of deaths caused by stroke reveals something "truly frightening", two people per hour die because of this disease.

If these data were sufficient to alarm you about the adverse effects of high cholesterol levels, are now a few tips to help prevent this scenario and keep your body healthy.

Read the next advice carefully and secure them with the accuracy they require, because only thus can we ensure will be here to tell the story of one's life to our loved ones.

  • Eat fish and white meats in larger quantities than pork meat. The latter, also called "red meat", are substantially more harmful to the body when taken regularly, which does not happen, for example, with poultry meat, much more nutritious and poor in fat.
  • Prefer baked food to fried food and you will be gaining much from this exchange. In the fried food the concentration of saturated fats will be larger (even more) due to the ingredients that are added to cooking. Therefore minimizes the consumption of fried and say no to cholesterol!

  • Limit the use of oil in the food and when possible eliminate it completely, do it because it's a benefit for the sake of your health. If the recipe you want suggests cooking with oil in abundance, do not fall into that error and correct it by putting just enough to give it the taste, but do not abuse. This does not compromise the flavor and at the same time ensuring a good dish and "clean" for the body.
  • Avoid sauces and creams, replacing them with healthier options as well as compounds of tomato, onion, garlic, celery, soy and even yogurt, preferably thin, never labeled (false) light. See that the food becomes considerably lighter and maintains a unique flavor, without having to add it high-calorie products, and therefore harmful to fight bad cholesterol.
  • Drink milk and eat their derivatives with restraint, since foods such as cheese or butter can be made in real time bombs for the uncontrolled cholesterol levels. Who likes these products should consume them and give preference to cheese and less rich in fat food, such as those created from goat milk.

The five tips listed are only a small part of the action lines that must be followed to avoid the risk of high cholesterol. It is true that are the most important in this fight to stop the occurrence of a stroke, but it is worth remembering that other advises should be considered and respected.

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