Are Natural Remedies Better to Improve Your Eyesight


Natural Remedies For Improving Eyesight

Can you improve your eyesight naturally? This is question on most people’s mind once they are faced with eyesight problems. In a society where people tend to seek contemporary medical treatment to correct most ailments it’s not a surprise that improving eyesight through natural remedies is bypassed most of the time.

While seeking advice from an ophthalmologist on how to improve your eyesight is important, it is also good to try natural remedies to improve the same in equal measure. Depending on your eye condition the doctor may recommend the use of contact lenses or surgery. These are not only expensive procedures but painful as well. Therefore it only makes sense to go for natural remedies which are cheap and painless.

Eye Exercises for Improved Vision… Take eye exercises for instance. It’s a known fact that exercising your eyes regularly helps reduce eye problems such as strain, blurred vision, dryness, itchiness and the inability to focus. They also help strengthen the eye muscles which incredibly enhance the ability to see. They are easy to perform and are totally harmless. If you are on the quest of finding how to improve your eyesight through natural remedies, eye exercises will certainly come in handy.


Good Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Good Diet Actually Works… You are what you eat, so they say. Your ability to see depends on what the kind of diet you take to a certain extent. Research shows that Vitamin A readily found in carrots is good at improving eyesight. Other nutrients like zinc, omega 3, lutein and vitamins E and C help in keeping off macular deterioration and cataracts. When you eat a well-balanced diet, it means that your weight is controlled and by extension the risk of becoming diabetic is reduced. Diabetes has been sighted as the top cause of poor vision and blindness in adults.

What About Lifestyle Changes… Some lifestyle changes impair vision and changing them makes eyesight better. Take smoking for instance. Cigarette smoke contains harmful chemicals that are associated with causing degeneration of the macular, formation of cataracts and optic nerve damage. If you’re serious on how to improve your eyesight naturally then it’s about time you quit your smoking habit.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can also trigger a recurrence of eye problems and you should abandon it as well. Don’t give up if you’ve tried to quit the two behaviors in the past and failed; try again. Studies show that quite a good number of people who have tried to quit smoking and alcohol succeeded after a series of trials.

What About Other all Natural Remedies?

Other Natural Remedies… Coriander and turmeric juices contain healing properties that can help provide eye allergy relief. Use a few drops of these juices every day to enhance your eyesight naturally. Consuming half a glass of coriander juice regularly will keep blurred vision in check.

Rose water is yet another remedy you can use if you’re seeking ways of how to improve your eyesight in the most natural, harmless way. A drop of rose water in the eye will cool and sooth strained eyes. Apply two drops of this water in each eye at least twice every day for the best results.

Basil juice improves the way you see at night. Two drops in the morning and evening just before you go to sleep is sufficient. Honey is another natural remedy that has been known to correct defective vision for a long time. Applying the honey on the eyes is just enough. Be cautious though, honey may cause burning sensations to the eyes and it should be applied in small amounts.

Try Some Natural Herbs

Sip some green or black tea one in a while to avert the risks of developing eye complications. Better still mix green tea with blue berry leaves to enhance your seeing capabilities. Cardamom eaten with honey is a good natural eyesight remedy as well.

In the modern world where technology is fast changing the way we live, we’re exposed to hazards that might interfere with the way we see and chances of developing eye problems are very high. While reduced vision is reality, you should always seek how to improve your eyesight by use of natural remedies instead of rushing the medical doctor for a quick fix. Remember that correcting poor eyesight won’t happen overnight. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to be patient with natural remedies and most of all use them on a regular basis.

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