Why Is There An HPV Vaccine Controversy?

Gardasil Vaccine
Gardasil Vaccine

For those who are not familiar the HPV vaccine, it is a cancer prevention vaccine to protect individuals from developing cervical warts and cervical cancer.

So why is there an HPV vaccine controversy over a life saving vaccine?

While it may be a misunderstanding, the controversy is real. The vaccine is given to children, mostly girls, and in certain circumstances boys before they begin puberty during the preteen years. The HPV virus is often the beginning of cervical cancer and cervical warts that often cause sterility and can spread as cancer throughout the body.

The effectiveness of the vaccine has been known to help those who have not been diagnosed with all four cancer causing viruses. So even older individuals can take the series of vaccines and be protected.

It's estimated that 80% of the nation's population has already contracted at least one of these cancer causing viruses; some people don't even know they have it.

The controversy over the HPV vaccine is over the notion of giving this type of vaccine to children. It's a sexual disease vaccine they are giving to young children who are yet to become sexually active and may not know anything about their sexuality or even sexually contracted diseases.

However, just because the HPV vaccine is often given to those who are yet to become sexually active, it doesn't mean it is encouraging promiscuity or sexual activity. In fact, it has been proven 99% to protect against these cancer causing viruses, but will not protect against other types of sexually transmitted diseases.

Take careful consideration and learn all you can about the disease and then choose whether you would like this type of protection for your child.

Your child will receive many different types of protective vaccines throughout their life. Why choose to allow your child to miss out on one of the cancer prevention vaccines? If you are uncomfortable discussing sexual diseases with your child or if they are not old enough to understand, perhaps just explaining it is a cancer prevention vaccine will be enough for now.

While the HPV controversy may go on, it's usually through ignorance and rumor instead of facts. Make sure your decision to get your child vaccinated or not is based on knowledge, not hearsay, especially when it comes to a potentially life-saving vaccine such as the HPV vaccination.

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Jane 5 years ago

What proof? Because the Government and Merck say so? How many people actually die of cervical cancer?

Kyra 5 years ago

About 12,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and about 4,000 of these cases are fatal. The vaccination protects against 4 common strains of HPV, the 4 that cause cancer. There are about 40 strains of HPV in total, but most do not show symptoms and disappear on their own. All of this information is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Get educated. http://www.cdc.gov/std/hpv/stdfact-hpv-vaccine-you...

SarahBodo 4 years ago

Over 80%. That is a great number. And sexually active individuals have at least one of the cancer causing strains. Keep spreading the awareness. Thumbs up!

Joanne 4 years ago

i recently took my 10 year old son for a physical and our doctor recommended the HIV vaccine,but he failed to mention the vaccine costs $377 per shot and my son was scheduled for 4 shots.I now have a bill for $800 with 2 shots left to complete the course.My insurance does not cover this vaccine.I am all for preventive medicine but please don't rip us off for being caring parents and wanting to prevent the spread of disease.

robert 4 years ago

The hardest obsticle to overcome is ignorance, and apathy. I contracted hpv1 from an exgirlfriend. She had to have known she had it, but she failed to mention it. Now I have to accosted things, and I have always been careful not to just go and have sex with just anyone. While there was no guarantee that the vaccine would have protected me, maybe if I had gotten the information that went along with it I may have been more aware. Look before you leap, practice what you preach, and above all, learn, learn, learn!! Knowledge is the only cure for ignorance. Grab the courage to say "I was wrong", or "I don't know". I don't know about you, but I would rather have wounded pride than HPV.

Nicole 4 years ago

I was told that I needed to get this vaccine by my PCP at 24 years old and then received a bill for $125 stating that my insurance does not cover the vaccine because for my age bracket it is not considered necessary? I never went back to get the last one.

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