Relaxation changes Genes

Relaxation changes Genes

Relaxation changes Genes

Studies show that meditating turns off the stress-related genes. Deep relaxation from meditation and yoga exercises- called the relaxation response can change our bodies. A recent study from Massachusetts – showed that the mind states change gene activity that affect how the body responds to stress. This is the first new study of how the mind can affect gene expression, linking what has been looked on as a “soft” science with the “hard” science of genomics. It is suggested that people who are able to free their body of tension can switch on the protective effect of genes and fight free radicals and inflammation. There is a further study on whether the mind state helps protect against cancer.


Family stress can make kids fatter

Kids should be monitored with their weight every 3 months since weight is related to the stress level. Toddlers in pressured households were three times heavier than those in tranquil homes. Overwhelmed children may gain weight for the same reason as adults do including the fact that stress increases cortisol. This can disrupt leptin, the hormone that signals your brain that your full.


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