Hello everybody.

Well, I'm not here to talk about sex but about how we can take care of our body, of our health so that we can enjoy the maximum in a sexual relationship.

I really don't know if you'll find what I'm going to say, interesting or useful. But what I'm going to reveal is a secret of my experience.

May be everybody experiences it in life, but when you've come to realise it, it's quite late. You have already lost some of your youth. That's why I think these small tips will mostly help youngsters.

This is a fact that those who have greater sexual desire, gets more pleasure in sexual life.


Did you know that the most sexually active people are those who practise sports? May be you have already heard about it. May be you believe it. But are you convinced? You should be! If you have sex moderately, it doesn't affect a sportman, instead it's better

When I'm talking about sports, I'm talking about those in which your blood is circulated with a great speed, in which great efforts are required. For example, swimming, jogging, playing football, practising martial arts, etc. There was a time, I was a very great sportman. Then I took a pause. And after a long time I started again. I did that so many times. I know the difference. Everything I'm saying is my experience and not what I've read or heard somewhere. And it's 100% true.

Sleep at night

There are so many night owls especially those who have internet at home. Night has been made for sleeping.

You must sleep for an average of 8 hours daily but during the night! Well, the number of hours is not fixed. It depends on the constitution of the body of each person. But sufficient sleep is essential

It is also recommended to sleep the earlier possible in the night so that you can wake up early just before the sun rise. I know it's hard to wake up early. It's not a must to wake up early but I'd suggest you to do it if you have a possibility to sleep at about 15 mins after lunch but not more than that. And don't oversleep. How do you know if you have overslept? When you wake up, you'll feel yourself quite lazy. And practising sport is the remedy. It's difficult to oversleep if you have a good circulation of blood. Oversleeping leads to fatness. I'm just saying it cause there are people who are not aware of that.

Many people work at night. I know life isn't easy. The system is like that. We are going against nature. We are breaking the law of nature. If you are a night worker, just make an assessment of your sexual potential. And try to remember the wonderful days when you had your nights to sleep. How you were admiring the beauty of women!! Is it still the same? I won't say more.


Of course you must take sufficient rests. Don't Just think about work, work and work. I know too many people who are obcessed with making money. Do you think we can buy whatever we want with money?

You can buy a bed but not sleep. You can buy a house but not a home. You can buy medecine but not health. Health is NOT wealth. Health is greater than wealth. They are incomparable.

Taking enough rest doesn't mean that you are lazy. In fact you are increasing your chance to live longer. Hope you already knew that. In fact all the tips given above and below help one to increase the chance of living longer

Quality and quantity of eating

As I've said above, practising sport is a way to regulate the quantity of sleep needed. It also regulates the quantity of food needed by the body.

I'm not going to give you a fixed balanced diet. Because it's not possible to do it. And please for your own sake, never listen to those doctors who advise you to eat a limited amount of food just to remain healthy.

Listen to them in terms of quality. But the quantity, it's you who decide. More precisely, it's your stomach who decides. Consume large amount of proteins. Drink milk, egg. Read also on Better Sex Diet

Including all the other essential elements, protein is the most essential element which helps to prepare the sexual fluid as well as all the other organs in our body. Did you know that the best nutrient for a human is milk?

Avoid stress and anger

This is the most difficult thing to do. Who doesn't have stress? I do have lots of stress. And the biggest problem was that I used to get stressed very quickly till the day I came to realise how it was affecting my health. And stress do affect sex life

So please, as much as you can, don't get nervous. Every problem has a solution. Being worried because you have a problem may become the biggest problem for you. Do you know the symptoms of stress? I can tell you the symptoms that I have experienced.

Drugs, Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes

Just make your choice.

Good health with an excellent sexual life v/s drugs, alcohols and cigarettes

It's clear that drugs, alcohols and cigarettes are health destroying agents and I do have lots of things to say about that. But I'm not going to enter in so much details. Many people start smoking because of stress. Nicotine and stress, both affects sex life.

Don't have sex too often

Don't masturbate or have sex too often. Same as the others, it depends on the constitution of the individual. Some may practise it once per week while others may do it twice or even thrice. It's not about capacity. It's about doing it without affecting your health.

How do you know that you are not going to affect your health? The desire must come from inside yourself. Only then you can experience greatest pleasure. If you have the habit of watching porn films, you'll always get the desire. And you'll want to masturbate too often. And that will surely affect your health.

As I've said, the desire must come from inside yourself and not by watching something that excite you or by touching your sex to get excited just because it's sex time.After having sex, if you still feel yourself active, then you are sure you didn't have it at a wrong time.

You must agree with me that it's better to have sex only once or twice a week with great pleasure than having sex 5 times with less pleasure!


(1) Practise sports

(2) Sleep early at night

(3) Take enough rest

(4) Eat well but not over-eat

(5) Avoid stress, nervousness and anger

(6) Avoid drugs, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes

(7) Don't have sex too often.

I have interrogated some youngsters and mature people. Many people are not very aware of these hints. That's why I've made up my mind to write this article.

If not all, there may be something worth that I've shared with you. Your comments are really very important for me. I have much more to share. All depends on your appreciations.

Note: The most important among all the 7 commandments is SPORT. Hold the first commandment firmly. I know for some people it may be difficult to follow all these advices. Do as much as you can. You shall not regret it. But be sure that if you are not a sportman, start practising from today. Give your comments. I may even help you to motivate you. Thank you very much for taking time to read.

If you want to be informed on sex and sexual health click here

Best of luck!

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krane22 7 years ago

Reading good sex literature can help too. I mean literature--like Lawrence (and maybe my first post ;) )

bond 7 years ago

Good literature by lawrence its showing basic and moost important things. really worthy

ISs 7 years ago

thx 4 these...................7 commandments......

pranita 6 years ago

i have lot desire of sex with my wife mainly her breast attracts me lot the moment i see her breast my pennis erect with full power. and another thing that i love her milk very much even so want to suck often even she enjoys every much.

khan 6 years ago

very well said, sports is very good advise others 6 as well

rab 6 years ago

i agree with the advice. It is true that sex or masterbation actually decreases the desire if its done to often. Thanks again.

rab 6 years ago

i agree with the advice. It is true that sex or masterbation actually decreases the desire if its done to often. Thanks again.

afzal 6 years ago


Last point 'Don't have sex too often' , is masturbation affect health if we do twice or thrice a week?

Please reply

Anish 6 years ago

No,lots of sex ,nd masturbation 2 times at night helps increase ur stamina...Take milk nd increase ur stamina.

Idle 6 years ago

I realy very active very strong horny polite acceptable int look but women did not like to join me. I am sure if they try me one time they never leave me and like me. but how

stranger 5 years ago

just think about after death what will be happen .

What will be save me sex .sports.sleep.eating.drink MAIRTAL , THINK THINK

dev 5 years ago

hey..tats really helpful.....

I have smthng wrong....

Whenever i start for sex ....i just wnt to insert it.........if i dont do so means if i start suking,liking boobs & kissing for 5 to 10 mins....then my sex desire start getting low......whts that...plzz reply

kumar 5 years ago

Whenever i start for sex ....i just wnt to insert it.........if i don't do so means if i start suking,liking boobs & kissing for 5 to 10 mins....then my sex desire start getting low......whts that...plzz rep

thyagaraju 4 years ago

Whenever I stat for sex,with my wife,upto that my boobs are having very attractive level,where started for sucking,automatically sex desire going low,I don't now,what happened for me.please kindly advise me,what prevetion taken,this is very headache for me.

raj 4 years ago

i want sex for 15mts but my desire is for 2 mts only wat i do

Biswanath Dutta 4 years ago

We R the parents of our 1 yr. old baby Tanima. We Love her too much. I(Men) always want 2 have safe sex after birth of our baby. But my partner deny. I want more enjoy with SEX. Pleasereply Thnx

hello 4 years ago

the most easily forgotten remedy for improving the mood for sex;


especially the Barry White album.

Everyone knows what kind of music gets their bodies' in motion and in the mood for a long night of hot sex.

anonymous 4 years ago

I have a full-time 40-hour work week job working myself to the bone. I come home with sore feet and tired legs and all it does is just makes me restless and unable to fall asleep at a decent hour. It's not until 5 or 6 am I go to sleep because I work a 4-1 shift. My body feels like the walking dead half the week because I'm not getting any true restful recovery. I don't feel refreshed in the morning, I just feel like I need more sleep. I long for the days 20 years ago when I used to go into deep sleep.

Sali 4 years ago


I'm 25 and I only have 4 sex in my life :( (because of my country)

I'm very sad.

In these sexes I felt my sex time is few.

Can I eat drugs to increase it?

thanks a lot.

Himangshu 3 years ago

Its very good advice. And it will be more effective if we implement it rather than reading. Thank u and hope in future we will get more scientific advicw

Himangshu 3 years ago

Its very good advice. And it will be more effective if we implement it rather than reading. Thank u and hope in future we will get more scientific advice

Pharmb565 3 years ago

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Pharmk263 3 years ago

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Pharmd887 3 years ago

Very nice site!

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