What To Do When Your Most Cherished Dream Fail

A dream come true is a solidification of a dominating thought

Given the premise that our mind continues working for as long as we live, whether or not we are aware of it, and that millions of fleeting thoughts pass our minds in every given moment; we should be serious in knowing what could those thoughts be.

Thoughts are things; every dominating thought solidifies and becomes a reality in our material existence. The mind is creating a thought pattern unique to the individual; this thought pattern becomes the controlling mechanism in the individual's material life. This pattern that the mind creates is based on the accumulated previous experiences that is incorporated in the material reality of an individual's experiences in the present. Every experience that a person lives in his present life is an evolution of the spiraling pattern that his mind had created.

Thoughts are things

To know what kind of thoughts run through your mind, you should find a peaceful place where you cannot be distracted by any outward disturbances such as noise, other people, and happenings in the surrounding. Take some breath and tell yourself to relax and be calm and bring yourself, your mind specifically, into a sort of a trance. Close your eyes and pose a question to yourself such as "What do I want to do now?" or any other questions that you need some concrete answers about.

Stay calm for some minutes and "watch and listen" to the thoughts" that come along. Do this like you are on top of a bridge overlooking a wide river with various small boats of varied colors floating and passing by. Listen and see your thoughts in this manner without giving inner comments or what we call mental chatters, just watch.

What could happen is that the answer to your question will "speak loud and clear" as compared to those thoughts that has nothing to do with your question. The answer does not necessarily come as words, it can be a sense feeling or a gut feeling so to speak. You will have this feeling of contentment once the answer is revealed to you; then you can come back to your normal state of mind feeling refreshed, as if something wonderful had already happened in your life.

Once you are back to the normal way of thinking, you can begin doing whatever it is that you had normally do or if you remember what you "saw" in your "trance" you can jut it down or perhaps draw or sketch it; but if not then you don't have to worry about it; the perfect time will come for the answer; just go about your chores or normal routine.

I know that this is easier said than done; constant practice, though, makes perfect. You got to practice this "knowing our thoughts" exercise at least for 21 days; who will pay attention to you and give importance to your thoughts more than you can do yourself?

Besides, remember the premise; "Dominating thoughts are things." These are thoughts that recur and would repeatedly control our behavior and attitude towards the world around us.

How our dream came to be.

The five senses and the physical world in our immediate environment and culture plus the individual inherent perception and inclination combined play the major role in the creation of a dream.

Let's say for example you grow up in a family of educated and talented family and the neighborhood and peer group are also having similar family status quo as your family have. All these among any other complex situations in the socio-demographic-economic set-up are some important foundations and backgrounds that one can base the dream.

What you see, smell, touch, hear, taste that appeal in an intensified degree are components of the kind of dream you will create and cherish; and this is not yet including the intangible appeals to you. In other words, the five senses are the pillars of the gateway towards "the dreamland" of your choice. This dream is then intensified by your desire or the emotions you attached to such a dream. The objective of the dream is to meet or fill the inherent vacuum that exists within every human being.

Once the dream is established, the dreamer would then formulate some plans and strategies to follow and implement towards the the achievement or manifestation of the dream. The existing dream now becomes the dominating thought. The dreamer would then see everything in the surrounding in terms of the dream or the dominating thought he carries within him.

The picture is showing a girl who is dreaming to ride on a horseback, it is the biggest thought that seems almost visible to her. When she sees a horse, she is reminded of seeing herself riding on it and she is elated with just the thought of it. She also writes about how it would feel when she actually rides on a horseback. Perhaps her toys would be a toy horse and a girl riding on it and she imagines that girl as herself. She would also collect pictures of horses, she is inclined to be attracted to anything pertaining horse riding. All these thoughts come to her naturally until one day, she finally was able to ride on a horse in her real and material environment.

What if after doing everything, you still fail to manifest your dream to material reality?

Knowing how the mind works, there are three basic things to do namely;

1. Clearing the mind

2. Intensify the focus to the dominating thoughts

3. Wait for the Perfect Idea or timing and act on it once it comes to you.

Clearing the mind

The objective here is to have clarity of intention. There are many techniques to clear the mind, one is to confront your fears. By this, use the technique of posing a question to yourself, looking inside you and asking yourself what blocks you from achieving that dream. The answer will come to you in perfect timing. Normally, what is going to happen is you are guided to forgive yourself and others who had hurt you. This issue must be cleared otherwise this would cause you negative thoughts and feelings. Hence clearing is to be aware of your negative thoughts and let them be dissolved so that only beautiful and happy thoughts will dominate your mind.

Intensify the focus to the dominating thoughts or the dream

Once clarity is achieved, you can bow re-enforce the focus to the dream. Whatever that dream may be, to focus is to affirm it in writing it in the form of an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive statement for that dream such as "I am now a successful businessman." Write this statement in first, second and third person, mentioning your name in each format. Refer to the book of Shakti Gawain entitled Creative Visualization for further instruction on creative visualization. Another technique is the collage making. In this, you make a collage with your picture in the center and the dream surrounding you.

Wait for the perfect Idea or timing...

There is always a perfect idea and timing for every dream to come true. What is important is we learn to relax and listen to ourselves. Always pay attention to the dominating thoughts that flow in our minds. To wait is to persist while you continue to clear the mind and to focus on the dream using simple and easy techniques. Once the idea comes, act on it.

I recommend more readings on the techniques on clearing the mind and focusing on the dominating thoughts or dream. There are many books concerning these techniques.

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Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author



Thanks for dropping by and reading my hub.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author



Thanks for dropping by and reading my hub.

catgypsy profile image

catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

Very interesting hub. I especially like the part about timing. I believe things happen when they are suppose to. Enjoyed reading this very much!

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Ow, so you're not in school. Maria is a hero to you, her existence in your mind...well, she died for a purpose...that's the best I can say...for now.

TENKAY profile image

TENKAY 5 years ago from Philippines

oh yes I remembered but then with you around I guess am already a millionaire. How I wish my sis Maria got a friend like you, siguro di sya nagka-cancer. oh well, things happen for a reason. I don't want to question the whys, the hows, of things or events happening anymore. It makes life bearable and happier.

Am doing laundry at the moment.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Hi Friendship,

Syempre naman. Yours too...teka ano nga yung dream natin? Ah I remember, no less than magmilyonarya...kita jung duha. ehehe

TENKAY profile image

TENKAY 5 years ago from Philippines

Yes my friend. There's always a perfect time for everything, in God's time your dream will be granted.

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