Letters to YOU. Re: Stop complaining + start doing = get what you want!

Dear You,

I’ve noticed  a “trend”  if you like in all of my clients’ and friends’ life stories and issues – they find it comforting to complain (I never quite understood the joy of boring my friend with my life challenges ), they always find a few reasons behind failed tasks (better known to us as “excuses” ), they know exactly what went wrong (usually it’s something that was not in their power to control) and yet they stop trying. This could apply to you, but WHY?

- are you scared of getting it wrong again?

- are you not confident you can do it?

- are you not motivated enough by the end result?

….or is it more simple than that? You just haven’t figured out what it is that you really want?! Why do you start seeking for professional help when everything in your life is falling apart, when you lost hope, when strength has left you??? The answer could be very primitive… Have you ever seen a person doing grocery shopping when their fridge is full? No? Neither have I!!! However, what I do sometimes is – my fridge is full but there is something missing. Usually it’s something sweet, something fresh, something chocolate, something orgasmic What do I do? Do I call my friends/parents/colleagues and complain that my fridge is full but there is something missing and I really want it now?! Of course not! What I do is – I go and get it!

Sure, the “fridge” story is just a metaphor. But it does happen to you and me nearly every day, all the time. You only start acting in two cases: 1. When your “fridge” is empty or 2. When your “fridge” is full but it’s missing that slice of rich chocolate cake.

my tips for you are:

- take some time to think and identify what it is that YOU really want (not your parents, friends, partner – YOU)

- brainstorm all the possible options where you can get it

- make a plan and stop being lazy, it is your future we are talking about

- be brave, be enthusiastic, be strong & willing to overcome obstacles and challenges

- enjoy the results of your hard work (learn to reward yourself!!)

And of course……

Be healthy, happy and wealthy…. & remember: “There is no failure, only feedback”

Always by your side,


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the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Great advice on this Hub and welcome to hubpages. I always say if you believe you will achieve and to keep a positive attitude at all times in your life and simply go after that dream or goal that is waiting for you.

I look forward to reading more of your Hubs.


Tati Irodova profile image

Tati Irodova 6 years ago from London, UK Author

Hi Mark! Thanks a lot for your comment, I totally agree - everybody should fulfil their dreams :)


richtwf profile image

richtwf 6 years ago

I like the title of your hub and the equation within it. Simple and very direct advice! Most people complain too much and talk rather than do, and it's only those with the right get up and go attitude and who are willing to walk the talk, who are the winners in life, purely and simply, because they refuse to quit. By not having a defeatist attitude, they will always be that much closer to achieving their goal, even if they do experience failures on their journey towards success. Failure, I agree, is only feedback to help you get back on track. Failure and success are partners and go in hand in hand; and without one you can't expect the other.

Excellent hub with inspiring thoughts for us all. Cheers for sharing!

Tati Irodova profile image

Tati Irodova 6 years ago from London, UK Author

Your comments are just a fab way to sum up my hubs :) thanks!! xx

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