Living With Varicocele

You should take care of your nuts and berries... don`t hesitate to get them inspected if you think something is wrong.
You should take care of your nuts and berries... don`t hesitate to get them inspected if you think something is wrong.

I am going to share something of a personal nature that may benefit someone out there who may be in the same situation that I was in. For years I kept a secret. I told no one and tried to ignore it in the hopes that it would go away. Yes, I had an imaginary friend, err, no wait wrong hub... no, I had lumps in my testicle.

Still there? Good.

For years I told no-one. This was very stupid on my part but I was terrified to be diagnosed with testicular cancer; so I just ignored it hoping it would go away. However, the fear was always looming.

Years past, I got married, fathered a child and bought a house. My lumps and I were enjoying life. I could have done without the lumps, yet there they were, following me everywhere. Those damn things just kept hanging around me, I just couldn't ditch them... yup, we did everything together, EVERYTHING! I finally shared my secret with my wife after it started throbbing one day. After a series of huge snow storms in my area, the action of heavy shoveling caused my lumps to grow bigger and become slightly painful. So when she told told me how foolish and irrational my fears were, I finally made an appointment to have my testes checked out.

Learning Hospitals

Now begins my adventures in learning hospitals. Me and my testicles must have "educated" at least ten students. With every visit, to every hospital I was the main attraction for the young students. One hand-full at a time, the doctor on staff that day would ask me if it was alright to show my berries to 'some' of the student doctors, of course I said yes. I guess It was because I had an excellent example of vericocelle. Still, it is very uncomfortable to have your coin pouch jingled by that many people... I did it in the name of medicine. Thanks to me there are now ten to fifteen new doctors in the Montreal area who know first hand, exactly what a case of vericocelle looks and feels like. You're welcome.

The whole while I was still worried that there was something horribly wrong with my figs, for the young doctors inspecting them were very quiet about it... perhaps they were just as shy and awkward as i was with the situation. Still, when someone is clicking your clackers and they are very quiet, they say things like "hmmph!", and "very interesting.." or my personal favorite, " I've never seen this before!". Well of course you've never seen it before Doogie, you're still a resident.

Leave It To The Pro

So after months of having my batteries tested by newbies they decided to get serious. An x-ray was taken of the main arteries going from my legs to my heart to ensure there were no dis-loged blood clots, that is the nature of varicocele, it's pretty much a mass of defective veins (usually the giblet on the left) that does not allow the blood to drain from them. The danger lies in a blood clot escaping from the mass, travelling to the heart and killing you. Once that danger is ruled out, it becomes less frightening. I was then sent to the urologist.

The urologist visit lasted a total of thirty seconds. He took one look at my juevos, tugged on the beans, and asked me if I had kids, I told him I had one child. He then asked me if i wanted more children, I told that I did not want more children, to which he replied, "It's no big deal, 75% of men walking around today have this to some degree, put your pants back on and come back if it starts hurting."

So to review, I have a mild case that becomes inflamed with sudden, heavy physical lifting. If it becomes painful or larger I must immediately go see a doctor. It may affect fertility so If more children are desired in the near future It should be treated. Treatment is a risky procedure, doctors will suggest a surgical correction only if the case is severely affecting fertility or is extremely painful to the patient. As for future follow-ups it is up to the patient to do regular self exams to look for changes in the size of the mass. Yearly checkups with a family doctor, as well as regular follow ups with a urologist are also wise.

Thus concludes my experiences of living with varicocele. Fun stuff.

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cloverleaffarm profile image

cloverleaffarm 4 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

Interesting. Do they keep an eye out for further complications? Do they retest for blood clots? Adding this would be helpful to others reading this. PS. You misspelled Varicocele in a couple of places. Voted up.

Ardot profile image

Ardot 4 years ago from Canada Author

They do not re-test unless pain develops or the size of the mass increases. I will fix the spelling errors, thank you very much for your input!

Bruce Wayne 2 years ago

Awesome piece. I can totally relate.. I was afraid to get checked because of the fear of testicular cancer. Years went by. 8 years to be exact. Big secret that made me mad and sad all too often. Finally decided to tell my brother and girlfriend. Convinced myself that I was about to face cancer and made my way to the ER. Diagnosis of varicocele. Annoying, but not fatal. My biggest burden was lifted. I feel awesome now. Really enjoyed the read.

Ardot profile image

Ardot 2 years ago from Canada Author

Awesome Bruce! I'm glad you enjoyed my article. I once had a doctor say to me, "you'd be amazed as to how many self diagnosed cancer cases i've cured" ! I was in for a sore throat and had a weird lump in my throat, thought it was cancer. Just don't self diagnose!

IMRAAN DESAI 8 months ago

article was informative as i had a similar experience having my trophy on display to students . Most uncomfortable experience ever for me , however for them it was another lesson in their study of the condition.

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