The Lighting System And Dynamo Of The Bicycle

Choose An Appropriate Lighting System

Various forms of bicycle lighting are available from battery lights to halogen lamps. Select the best suitable one based on your riding path.
Various forms of bicycle lighting are available from battery lights to halogen lamps. Select the best suitable one based on your riding path.

Each and every bicycle should have a proper lighting system. It is an important safety measure especially for people who ride in the night. It is advisable to have a front and rear light and small led’s at the back of the seat at the end of handlebars.

These lights make the rider visible to the people or automobiles coming in front of them and also enable the rider to see them. This helps a great level to avoid accidents. These lights serve to be a boon in rains and as well as misty days also.

There are various types of bicycle lights available in the market. to name a few we can mention

  • lights powered by battery,
  • dynamo's
  • halogen lamps and
  • LED

The very first bicycle lights were the carbide lights now used in caves alone. Then battery lights were introduced. They are used in bicycles even today. Some come with changeable batteries. Some lamps are portable so that it could be removed used in some other place in the house.

Then dynamos were introduced. They actually generated energy from the movement of the bicycle. However the light qualities of the dynamos are quite bad. The lights are dim and dull. Numerous advancements have been made now but still comparing to battery powered lights and other sources of bicycle lighting dynamos continue to emit very dim lights.

Halogen lamps are available today which help in getting the maximum output. The light emitted by them is quite bright and their battery also stays for a very long time. But they are quite costly. With the arrival of LED’s the old model tungsten filament bulbs were nearly vanished from the market. HID lights are also available today in place of LED lights.

A dynamo acts like actually like an ac generator. It converts the mechanical energy produced in the bicycle to electrical energy and powers the lights in the bicycle. It produces up to 3 watts of energy. However today high quality dynamos are available which produce more than 3 watts.

Batteries or any other form of power is not necessary. They will work forever until the bicycle is used. Dynamos are to be used compulsorily in some European nations like Germany and Belgium. They come in different types. To name a few,

  1. Bottle Dynamos are the earliest discovered dynamo. They are mounted against the tire rim. They cause some damage to tire as we keep using it constantly. They are affected when exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  2. Bottom Bracket or “Roller” Dynamos are mounted near the bottom bracket of the rear wheel. They also work exactly similar to the bottle dynamos.
  3. Hub Dynamos are mounted in the hub of the wheels. They do not cause any damage to the tires and are not affected by rain or heat as they are kept closed in the hub.

The main disadvantage is that the light produced by dynamos is not as bright as other lights.

Comparing the various forms of bicycle lighting options here choose the best one suitable for you.

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