Studies Show Not Brushing Teeth May Lead to Development of Heart Attack, Meningitis, Stroke and Possibly, Can Kill You

New evidence has shown lack of brushing teeth may lead to various health problems in other parts of the body apart from oral one to the point of leading to death. Studies have shown there is a link between not brushing your teeth and the risk of heart attack.

Scientists used to suspect there was a link between not brushing the teeth and risk of heart attack though they were unable to connect the dots.

If one goes without brushing it may cause an infection which not only can be dangerous to your teeth but also can infect lungs and the brain. Streptococcus is a bacterium scientists have been able to locate that is the cause of gum disease and tooth decay. This bacterium can get into the bloodstream thereby aiding in formation of blood clots when a person has developed gum disease.

A protein on the surface of the bacteria called PadA is responsible in forcing the platelets to join together thereby allowing themselves a kind of defensive shield. When the platelets bind together they offer a shield to the bacterium thereby preventing the bacterium from being recognized by the immune system as an enemy. This also means when a person takes antibiotics to treat the infection it will not have an impact in fighting it.

Not only will the platelets aid the bacteria by forming a protective shield but also by binding together it allows a lot of clotting of blood in small quantities. This is dangerous as it may lead to swelling of blood vessels which means the supply of blood to the brain and heart will be blocked.

Studies have shown that the risk of heart attack can be increased by half if a person doesn’t brush teeth regularly to prevent bleeding of gums. Despite the fact there is overwhelming evidence blood pressure, obesity, smoking and diabetes contributes or increases the chance of a person developing heart attack, bacteria in the mouth can increase the risk of one getting heart attack.

Also, studies have found out that brushing of teeth and flossing can help in preventing meningitis. The bacterium has been identified in the blood of patients with meningitis. The other group of patients in whose blood the bacterium has been found is those who have inflammation of the spine. This also includes those who are ailing from a type of heart disease known as endocarditis.

If a person does not brush his/her teeth or works out with a dentist or health professional to treat it, it will aid the bacterium in entering the bloodstream. When bacterium enters the blood it will pose as a health risk, and the effects might be fatal.

Apart from this bacterium which can cause meningitis, it is generally known that meningitis can also be caused by viruses and other bacteria including micro-organisms.

Scientists have also been able to link bleeding of gums (gum disease) and diabetes. Scientists believe when a person is infected in the mouth by the bacteria it leads to inflammation which lowers the efficiency or proper working of insulin thereby resulting to high level of sugar. Even though the best method of managing diabetes is through the use of drugs and insulin and proper diet, it will go a long way when they consider taking care of their oral health by regularly brushing their teeth, and also through flossing.

Brushing your teeth twice daily and ensuring you clean in-between your teeth with floss goes a long way in preventing your gums from bleeding, thus avoiding you from developing diseases which can be fatal. If you don’t brush often and your gums happen to bleed you might be at risk of developing heart attack, meningitis, stroke, and damage of blood vessels in the brain and heart, and ultimately it may lead to death.

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Ben716 profile image

Ben716 21 months ago from Kenya Author

I agree. We always need reminders in every area of our lives so we can live healthy and successful.

Kiss andTales profile image

Kiss andTales 21 months ago

Wonderful hub and a good reminder of why we have to brush our teeth, poisons can be created causing a chain reaction of heart failure and other health issues.

Thank you for this informative hub. Lives can be saved with reminders.

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