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Weight Loss Control With A Healthy Eating System And No Diet

One of the most frequently reasons for which people fail in their attempt to lose weight is the fact that they are not following a healthy eating system. There is a large variety of healthy foods which can help you control your weight and get rid of the extra pounds in a natural way, without any diet or weight loss pills.

A healthy eating system does not stop you to eat what you like, but to be moderate with the less healthy foods. A healthy eating system suppose to eat all types of foods, because your body needs vitamins, but also needs carbohydrates, proteins, and even fats. According to the nutrition experts, a healthy eating plan should consist of grains, vegetables and fruits as well as milk, dairy and meat.

By eating a wide variety of foods you will provide a good nutritional balance for your body. Just keep in mind that some foods are naturally better and healthier than others. Skim or 2% milk will always be healthier than fat whole milk. Also poultry and fish will always be healthier than beef or pig meat. Cereals and breads with whole grain label are healthier than those who do not. Even when choosing fruits and vegetables some choices are better than others. There are fruits which contain more sugar than others, and vegetables with more fiber than others.

The meals program is also very important. It is indicated to have five to six meals every day in small portions, rather than three large meals daily. Also, the water is very important for our metabolism, digestion and the good function of our body. And remember that water contains no calories, so you can never gain weight by drinking water.

There has been a trend lately to add vitamin fortification to food in order to maximize our body function. You must understand that proper nutrition comes from a healthy eating system, not from vitamin supplements. Knowing what you should eat, how much you should eat and when you should eat every day is the key of a healthy lifestyle. For more information visit my site.

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Weight Loss Control With Exercise

Together with a healthy eating system, you can control your weight by making exercise. You must find a balance between the in-taken and the out-taken number of calories in order to control your weight. A healthy eating system will help you to control the number of calories which you are taking daily by choosing the right foods in the right ammount, but you always have to have in mind and the way you are burning the in-taken daily calories.

You can very easy establish a daily exercise program which will help you to achieve this goal. What you have to do is set some realistic attainable "written"goals to help push you.

The reason I have emphasized “written” is because if you don’t write your goals down they are merely wishes. Studies have proven over and over that writing your goals down is powerful.

Let’s look at some examples.

If you want to get into running, walk first. Depending upon your level of fitness you may only start with fifteen or twenty minutes. If you have some level of fitness start with 30 minutes and gradually increase it.

Once you have been walking for a couple of weeks ease back into running by alternating walking and running. Walk for ten minutes and run for five and so on. As you increase your level of fitness and your soreness lessens increase the running until you are able to run for thirty to forty five minutes at a time.

If you want to involve in weight training you should take it slow. With weight training, if you push to hard to early you can end up damaging supporting tendons and ligaments. The key is not to rush in using the weights and do less sets. Adjust your weights accordingly. Follow these same guidelines for all body parts and increase the weights and reps slowly.

There is a wide variety of tricks to use for spending every minute of the day making easy exercises. Use the stairs instead of elevator, park your car at five minutes away of the arrival place and walk the rest of the distance, when take the bus, go down one or two stations before the arrival place and walk the rest of the distance, watching TV in the evening you can make some movements during commercials, etc.

You can always establish an exercise program which allows you to use your time efficiently and reach your goals in the mean time. For more information, visit my blog.

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